DKI Implements Mandatory Booster at Office Malls Starting Today


The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has imposed a booster vaccination requirement for people who are active in public facilities. Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria conveyed that the policy will take effect from today.

“Starting today, we will implement it. We will implement the rules from today until the future,” said Riza at JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Sunday (17/7/2022).

Riza said that the public facilities in question are the office sector, malls and tourism places in Jakarta. According to him, the provisions are in accordance with the policies set by the central government.



“Now the government has taken a policy for offices, malls, public places for tourism, a third booster vaccine is required,” he said.

“We ask all places in Jakarta to be implemented,” he continued.

As is known, the Minister of Home Affairs, Tito Karnavian, has made booster vaccination a mandatory requirement for people to enter public facilities. Public places in question ranging from offices to malls.

The regulation is contained in the Circular Letter (SE) of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 440/3917/SJ concerning the acceleration of booster doses for the community, which is addressed to Regional Heads, Regents, and Mayors. The SE was issued and signed by the Head of the Legal Bureau of the Ministry of Home Affairs, R Gani Muhamad, Monday, July 11, 2022.

“Requires a booster dose of vaccination as a requirement to enter public facilities, public facilities including offices, factories, public parks, tourist attractions, art locations, culture, restaurants/restaurants, cafes, shopping centers/malls/trade centers, and other public areas. This is excepted for people who cannot be vaccinated for reasons of special health conditions by requiring them to attach a doctor’s certificate from a Government Hospital/Health Facility and children under 18 (eighteen) years old,” reads SE point B. number 1 as seen Tuesday (12/7/2022).

Tito also instructed all regional heads to accelerate booster vaccination from the RT/RW level to public places. It is recommended to accelerate the involvement of religious leaders to community organizations.

“Implementing booster doses of vaccination up to sub-district, sub-district, village-based government levels, Neighborhood Units (RW), Neighborhood Units (RT), involving religious leaders, community leaders, traditional leaders, Family Welfare Development Team (PKK) ), community organizations, youth organizations, professional organizations, universities of health sciences that mobilize young doctors, nurses, and other human resources, intensify the implementation of booster vaccinations centrally in public places such as offices, factories, places of worship, markets, and terminals,” he said.

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