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Dl Sicurezza bis, Salvini: "Victory across the board, readmitted amendments by the League. Prison for pregnant thieves"

"Victory across the board". After a troubled morning, with the specter of new, strong tensions between the two souls of the yellow-green government, Matteo Salvini announces that all amendments have been readmitted to dl Safety in favour of police is fire fighters "Thanks to the insistence of the League". In commissions in the Chamber, therefore, the news on Good meal, overtime, clothing is uniforms, maintenance of barracks and new locations. "From words to deeds", the Interior Minister celebrates after the attacks in the morning to the M5s, which also signed the amendments. "With Salvini you can joke, with the fire brigade, the traffic wardens and the police no", he attacked warning the ally of government that "either there are these amendments or pass this text or it is a serious problem and don't go ahead". And the president of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, who had been accused of having quashed 8 Northern League amendments, replies on Facebook: "I want to be clear: I work as I have always done without looking at anyone. Parliament is free from all pressure and carries out its activity in full autonomy. I'm really glad he showed it again. There Room has in fact intervened to remedy the problems amnesia of the Minister of the Interior who had forgotten prefects, police and firefighters when he wrote the Security Decree ".

Dl Sicurezza bis, Salvini: "Fico blocks eight amendments of the League". President of the Chamber: "He says false or propaganda"

Among the changes proposed by the Carroccio there is also one that is very dear to Salvini and is pointing straight to the belly of his electorate: “We have reiterated the need to be able to send the pregnant criminals. They are often used for theft and pickpocketing, safe from impunity. The child has to finish. We will reiterate the amendment to the Security Decree bis with the speakers ". The reference is to the case of Vasvija Husic, 32, of Bosnian origin residing in Aprilia, nicknamed "Madame Theft"Who, having been definitively convicted of 25 years of imprisonment, was able several times to obtain the deferral of the sentence because she was pregnant. The 19 June Salvini had hoped for Twitter: "This damn woman remain in prison for thirty years, put in condition to have no more children".

The Presidency of the Chamber, after the protests of Salvini, had made it known that President Fico responded to the appeals on the amendments with a letter sent to the presidents of the competent Commissions in the Chamber: they had already been readmitted all those that concern the State Police and the Ministry of the Interior, the rules on were instead declared inadmissible on fire fighters is local police, which could have been included in the local police bill approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers. Sources M5S of the Constitutional Affairs and Justice committees of the Chamber then explained that on the amendment concerning the increase of the mount extraordinary of the fire brigade, the possibility of using the unanimous vote to readmit the norm, even if it is not strictly related to the decree. Also thanks to the opposition that "hopes they have the problem at heart".

Dl Sicurezza bis, League: “NGO ship always seized and commander arrested. Fines from 250 thousand to one million euros "

The clash between the two souls of the yellow-green government had begun in the morning with bright tones: "We do not understand why Salvini continues to say nonsense and falsehood – he attacked the M5s – Let us clarify for a moment. The rejected amendments, of which Salvini speaks, also have our signature. And this Salvini knows this well "and" we understand the needs merely propagandistic, we understand the problem of financing of dark funds, but we expect sincerity from the League ". "Why are you attacking us? According to what logic? ", The 5 stars are still asked to emphasize that the inadmissibility of the amendments does not depend on the Movement. "Here it seems that the only problem is to always search electoral consensus, shooting at everything and everyone. And this is not a responsible attitude ".


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