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dm throws particularly popular product from the shelves – benefit Rossmann and Edeka?

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The drugstore giant dm has banished a very popular product from the shelves. The customers brings that to despair. The reason for the sell-stop does not make it any better.

Karlsruhe – dm customers who would like to replenish their soda-stream water bubblers at the drugstore chain with new gas cartridges, they are now looking in vain for the shelves. Even the bubbler itself is no longer in the offer of dm. That obviously has its reasons.

Water sprinklers are currently back in fashion. According to a study by the market research institute GfK, one in ten households owns such a device. So far, the company Soda-Stream, which holds a quasi-monopoly on the bubbling machine market, has benefited so far. The business is particularly lucrative, since it does not remain with the single purchase of the device. After that, soda lovers must regularly buy the corresponding gas cartridges. Since many customers then grab back to the brand of the device – which should be at 90 percent of the German soda stream.

dm-out: soda stream should have exploited market power

At dm is now but for soda stream. The drugstore chain threw the soda stream out of the assortment, as the Lebensmittelzeitung reported. Accordingly, the bubbler giant had exploited its market power in price negotiations partly. dm should now have pulled the ripcord. Behind it is probably also that there are now many alternatives with Wassermaxx, Happymix, soda club and Co.

dm replaces soda stream by soda trend

For its part dm is now turning to soda trend instead of soda stream. The company specializes in the production of universal gas cartridges. Thus, soda stream owners can continue shopping at dm cartridges. And even cheaper: While the original soda-stream cartridge cost up to now 8.45 euros, dm demands for the soda trend cylinder only 6.95 euros.

If you want to stay true to the market leader Soda-Stream, you will find the company's gas cartridges at many other stores, such as Rossmann, Kaufhof, Real, Edeka, Hit or Kaufland.

In contrast, Aldi customers can be pleased that the discounter has included one of the most popular summer products back in his offer. But there are also lurking dangers at the moment: Aldi, for example, also recalls a sausage product because it has found deadly bacteria in it.



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