«Dmc» announces the dates of Ramadan programs and serials

«Dmc» announces the dates of Ramadan programs and serials

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Thursday 17 May 2018 – 3:22 PM
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Thursday 17 May 2018 – 3:22 PM

The channel “dmc”, the Ramadan map of the public channel and drama channel throughout the month, includes the map of the channel «dmc» public program «8 morning», which is broadcast daily from 8 am to 10 am and then re-series «Journey» by Bassil Khayat, 10am to 11am, followed by the return of the series «a matter of fact» star Karim Fahmy, from 11 to 12 noon, and the suspension of the news bulletin for the second half for half an hour on the air, followed by the program «human trouble» season II for half an hour From 12:30 to 1:00 pm and then repeat the series «volume» Family »big star Yahia Fakharani from one pm until noon the second.
The channel will be broadcast live on the program «kitchen dmc» from 2 pm to 3 pm and then will be the series of «disappear» from the third to four in the afternoon to come back live live program «they may understand» for an hour to finish at the fifth to re-series «Eagle Upper» artist Mohammed Ramadan from the fifth to the sixth, to broadcast a new episode of the program «human trouble» in the sixth to six and a half to be followed by the transition to the speech of Sheikh Sharaoui then the Koran and the ears of Morocco.
After the ears, the channel begins to show a series of «family size» from the seventh quarter until the eighth followed by the series «disappearance» of the artist Nili Karim, the eighth and ninth, and then re-program «human trouble» for half an hour to start a new episode of «Eagle Upper» From 10 pm to 11 pm followed by the series “The Journey” from the eleventh to twelfth evening, then the “fait accompli” from the twelfth to the morning and then the re-series «family size», and the return «Eagle Upper» from the second to the third and then re-series «disappearance »From 3 am until 4 pm, then repeat the series« Trip »and then return« Perhaps they understand » , Then re-«de facto» and then «kitchen dmc».
The channel “dmc drama” begins the channel with the rerun of the series “The Flight” at 8 am followed by the series «Fait accompli», at 9 am followed by a series «family size» at 10 am and night program «human trouble» for half an hour to begin after the re-series « The journey “from the twelfth noon series« disappearance », is returned from one o’clock and then the series« Eagle Upper »from 2 pm to the third and then re-series« a reality »and then re-series« trip »followed by« human predicament »and a series« family size »From five-thirty to six-thirty before the transition to the Hadith of Shaykh al-Sharawi, the Holy Quran and Azan of the Maghrib Then he starts to broadcast new episodes of the series “Fable” in the seventh quarter, followed by the series «Journey» in the eighth and «family size» at 9 pm, followed by the series «disappear» at 10 pm and then the program «human trouble» until 11:30 Followed by an Egyptian program until 12 pm, followed by the series «Eagle Upper», from the twelfth to the one; to return to the channel to return serials from one am and begin with a series «disappear» from one morning and night «flight» from the second morning and night «a matter of fact» of the third In the morning followed by «family size» from 4 am and then re-«Eagle Upper» etc. In the morning and night, the series “Disappearance” was re-launched and the “Human Wart” program was launched.

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