DMC Launches New Premiere for the “Eagle of Upper Egypt” Series (Video)


DMC Promo has launched a new promotional series for the “Eagle of Upper Egypt” by Mohammed Ramadan, in preparation for its screen in the month of Ramadan next. Ramadan continues filming the series in Qena, accompanied by the Tunisian Dura and Aisha bin Ahmed and Sayed Rajab. The series revolves around the officer Zaidi, who serves in the armed forces, and everyone loves him in his region, and they consider him role models. He and Mr. Rajab have big differences in the work events. And the series «Eagle of the Upper» starring Mohammed Ramadan and Sayed Rajab, Aisha bin Ahmed, Dina, Aida Riaz, Mohammed Ezz, Youssef Osman, Mo’men Nour, Hajar Ahmed, Mohammed Hatem, written by Mohammed Abdul Muti, directed by Yasser Sami, .


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