d’Mentor: ‘Capital’ to Become an Influencer


The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo RI) noted that 76.8 percent of Indonesia’s population has access to the internet. The data released in early 2022 explains that 202.35 million people have used the internet as a medium to obtain information.

This figure is an opportunity for celebrities in cyberspace to get attention in the community. This opportunity in the digital sector is transformed into a business when transactions between content creators become a funnel for industry players to market or bring their products closer to internet consumers.

Content ideas are the deciding factor. The more interesting and new, the content will sell well. This is where the selling point of a influence. Every uploaded content must always be accountable, both to followers as consumers and brands as service buyers.

The fantastic value of one’s income influence not only influenced by the idea of ​​the content itself. Another ‘capital’ needs to be issued at the beginning so that the content produced is increasingly loved.

Talk about a profession, a influence required to be professional in cooperating with its affiliates. Consistent, punctual, and responsible are the guidelines to increase the trust of the public and clients.

In terms of brand, existence influence become a new opening for the industry to encourage the marketing of a movement or product. So, for those of you who are pushing awareness business, you need to choose wisely influence like what it fits with image brand which is being built.

With Janes CS (Beauty Influencer), tonight’s d’Mentor will dive deeper into the ins and outs of business influence in Indonesia. Also present were Marsha Imaniara (GM Maverick Indonesia, Strategic Communications Consultancy) to display insight about the role of a influence towards the communication and business targets of a brand.

Watch the discussion live in d’Mentor: Tips & Insights Become Influence in Indonesia, Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 19.00 WIB – 20.00 WIB at detikcom. For those of you who want to take part in the discussion, please join via the zoom link shown at the beginning of the event.

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