DNA Singers candidate Rick resembles his well-known brother like two drops of water

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It is up to the two panels to find out who the contestants are related to. In Thursday’s episode, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Holly Mae Brood will compete against Jaap Reesema and Lex Uiting. When the third family member walks on stage, Rick, Jaap immediately rings a bell because of his appearance. “I see it and I know it,” he shares with the other panelists. Lex and Jeroen are rather in the Volendam corner and think that the unknown Rick also sounds a bit like that. They also think of Racoon, of which Rick – quite by chance – chose a number.

In daily life, Rick is a DJ. He only sings in the shower. Jeroen therefore finds it ‘amazing’ how well he has sung. “It’s a tough song, I had to sing it myself once. It’s not as easy as it seems,” he compliments him. “You did really well.”

In the end it is Jaap who expresses his suspicions. He thinks Rick is Tim Douwsma’s little brother. Holly shares these suspicions. “You look like it,” she addresses him. “Also the way of talking. I think so too.”

The audience in the room can’t wait to discover who Rick is related to and votes for him en masse. That means that Rick is not allowed to sing a duet and his well-known brother is immediately revealed. All four panel members are ultimately certain: it must be Tim Douwsma. And they are all right. “I’m very proud!” he reveals himself.

Nick Schilder and his two brothers sang the stars from heaven last week. The performance might even taste like more…

DNA Singers can be seen on RTL 4 on Thursday at 8.30 pm. Watch the episode again at Videoland.

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