DNF Duel closes its roster with the Lost Warrior

One day after launch DNF Duel, the new fighting game from Arc System Works and Eighting (8ing) launches this Tuesday June 28th and we already have its latest character. Completing the roster of 16 fighters, comes the Lost Warrior.

After we met the Enchantress, a little magician specialized in curses and control, the Lost Warrior arrives, a man who hides more than one secret. A man who has the power to control space and gravity, and who will surely make our lives impossible.

Unlike all the characters that have appeared so far, the Lost Warrior is not born from any advanced class of Dungeon Fighter Online, and is also not an original title character. This is an NPC from the original DFO game.

The appearance of this fighter is special, he seems to have knowledge beyond understanding, since he has wandered the negative universe for millennia. His clothes denote a more primitive air, as if he had to survive by mere instinct from him.

With him, once and for all, the main DNF Duel roster is closed, with a total of 16 characters that we can use. In any case, to be able to use this fighter, you have to unlock it when you finish the story mode of the title.

What do we know about the Lost Warrior?

Because he’s an NPC, the character hasn’t been talked about as much on the official DFO page, but with a little research, we can tell you a bit. This character is a fragment of Carloso, who is nothing more and nothing less than the creator of the universe where DFO occurs.

The first time you meet him he tells you that he is lost and has wandered the other universe for thousands of years. He doesn’t remember his name, where he comes from and where he is going, but he always says that someone he comes.

As we could see in his trailer, due to his years of wandering in another world, he learned the power of space. The fact of containing part of Carloso’s energy allows him to be a powerful character, who can control aspects of existence itself.

Within hours of its official launch

This is how we end all the previous DNF Duel and its release on June 28 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC platforms through Steam. With a total of 16 characters, we can kick off what could be a great title.

With the inclusion of the Lost Warrior, the possibility is opened for more characters to arrive apart from the advanced classes of the title, which allows for more variety. And trust me, the DFO universe has a lot of bosses and NPCs that would make great playable characters in the title.

We still don’t have information on the possible downloadable content that could come to this new title, but with the number of characters that DFO has, we will surely have news sooner than expected.