“Do not demand any values ​​from them.” A US senator explains to CNN the reason for the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and China

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – US Senator Chris Murphy touched on the agreement reached by Saudi Arabia and Iran and the Chinese role in facilitating access to it, highlighting the reasons he said stand behind this rapprochement with China.

This came in an interview with colleague Becky Anderson on CNN, where he said: “I think it (the Saudi-Iranian agreement) would probably be a good thing for the region if there was less conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia. That’s a good thing for the United States.. I think we need to Ask questions about what the core obligations are in that agreement.”

He continued, “The tweet that I referred to (upstairsIt was just, I think, to point out that one of the reasons why Saudi Arabia is getting closer to China, is that China is not giving them a very hard time when it comes to their human rights record.. In fact, they (China) are giving them the technology as well. They do in other countries that facilitate this crackdown. So our eyes should be wide open when we think about why Saudi Arabia is so close to China. This is because China does not demand any values.”

He added, “There is no doubt that there is an important economic relationship between Saudi Arabia and China. If you look at the next 10 years, the oil produced in the Middle East will be more important to China than it is to the United States.”