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Do not do this on WhatsApp or you will be without the "app" forever


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WhatsApp has announced that from December 7, 2019 will take legal action against those individuals or companies that send mass or automated messages to users, or who do not use the platform for personal use.

WhatsApp has stressed in a statement its nature of "private messaging platform" and has announced that it will take "legal action" against those who send "automated or mass messages, or make non-personal use", for incurring a violation of the application's terms of service.

«You must use our Services in accordance with our Conditions and Policies. If you violate our Conditions or Policies, We can take action regarding your account, including your disabling or suspension, in which case you will not create another account without our permission, "he warns.

It will be the platform itself that will determine if the user or the company is carrying out abusive actions in the messaging service. This also refers to the "app" of WhatsApp Business designed for communication between companies and their users.

"We are facing a challenge that requires a comprehensive approach and WhatsApp is committed to using the resources we have available, including legal measures, to prevent any type of abuse that violates our Terms of Service," he recalls.

WhatsApp will get the information through the actions of abuse to see that they are committed on the platform itself or by using an exclusive service that counts outside of it that, among other data, includes complaints from users who warn that certain companies are violating the terms of service.

In this way, the courier service will take legal action against all those companies that have violated the terms of use on the platform before December 7, 2019 and against all those with claims, if that abuse continues as of that date.

They ensure that using the information available on the platform they have already found and stopped millions of accounts that operated in the system and that were violating the terms of use.

The implementation of legal measures is added to the technological tools currently used by WhatsApp, to automatically detect forms of abuse such as "Spam" accounts, as the company claims to be aware that "some companies try to evade our machine learning systems".

Next, we remind you what the conditions of the service that WhatsApp has just updated:

1. You will not use (or help others use) WhatsApp Services to:

Violate, misappropriate or infringe the rights of WhatsApp, our users or others, including the rights of privacy, publicity, intellectual property, copyright or other property rights.

– Sean illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, aggressive, offensive from a racial or ethnic point of view, or that promote or encourage behavior that would be illegal, or otherwise inappropriate, including the promotion of violent crime.

– Involve the publication of falsehoods, erroneous statements or misleading statements.

– Impersonate another person.

– Involve the sending of illegal or inadmissible communications, such as mass messaging, automatic messaging, automatic dialing and similar methodologies.

– Involve any other non-personal use of our Services unless we authorize otherwise.

2. Damage to WhatsApp or our users.

– You must not (or help others), directly or indirectly, or by automated means or otherwise, access, use, copy, adapt, modify, create derivative works of our Services, or distribute, license, sublicense , transferring, displaying, executing or otherwise exploiting our Services in unauthorized or unauthorized ways, or in ways that affect, harm or harm us, our Services, our systems, our users or others.

– You must not, either directly or through automated means: (a) reverse engineer, alter, modify, create derivative works, decompile or extract code from our Services; (b) send, store or transmit a virus or other harmful computer code through our Services or in them; (c) obtain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to our Services or systems; (d) interfere with or affect the protection, security or performance of our Services; (e) create accounts for our Services by automated or unauthorized means; (f) collect information about our users in any unacceptable or unauthorized manner; (g) sell, resell, rent or charge for our Services in an unauthorized manner; (h) distribute or make available our Services in a network where they could be used on several devices at the same time, except as authorized by tools that we expressly provide in our Services; nor (i) create software or application programming interfaces (APIs) that work in much the same way as our Services and offer them in an unauthorized manner to third parties to use them.

3. Maintain the security of your account. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your device and your WhatsApp account, and you must notify us immediately of any unauthorized use or failure of your account or our Services.

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