Do not drink lemon water before eating: this is what happens

Drinking lemon water before eating damages the gastric mucosa. It can lead to its inflammation, gastritis, its lesion, ulcer and even gastric neoplasm. Lemon water increases acidity, lowering the pH. In the long run it can have negative effects on the mucosa even in healthy people.

What foods to avoid with stomach pain?

To irritate the gastric mucosa that causes burning are carbonated drinks. Alcohol can generate cases of acute gastritis, but also chronic. Coffee in particular is not indicated when you have gastritis and peptic ulcer.

What to eat when you have an upset stomach?

We must resort to good herbal teas. Our advice is to take a sage tea. Just take equal parts of chamomile flowers with dried sage leaves. Pour boiling water over the herbs and leave everything to infuse for at least 5 minutes. At this point it can be assumed. This herbal tea drunk after main meals brings the maximum of its benefits.

When should lemon not be eaten?

It should be used with caution by those suffering from gastritis. Lemon could cause acidity but also irritation of the mucous membranes. Be careful because citric acid, taken in high doses, can also cause ulcers in the mouth and esophagus. It damages the kidneys and a massive ingestion causes acidity of the blood resulting in weakness and cramps.

When should you eat lemon?

When you have problems with digestion. Lemon juice during meals improves digestion because it stimulates the production of gastric juices that favor the digestive process. We recommend boiled lemon peel. If taken at the end of a meal it helps when you have nausea but also in the presence of stomach pain and heaviness due to abandoning meals that have been eaten. If drunk with some bay leaves you have the classic drink called “canary” which is used to digest.

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What are the benefits of drinking water?

Drinking water strengthens the immune system. Good water eliminates toxins. By taking water you fight the feeling of fatigue and tiredness. Those who take water are more concentrated and attentive. With good water you also lose weight. Introducing water regulates appetite and promotes satiety. Be careful to take the right amount of water. Eight to ten glasses of water should be managed every day.