Mikhail Efremov celebrates his 55th birthday on November 10th. A member of the advisory council on the development of the information society and the media at the State Duma Vadim Manukyan joined the congratulations.

Social activist left the hero of the day a scathing message. Manukyan subtly hinted at the problems of the artist with alcohol. "Mikhail Olegovich. I hope that you liked my congratulations on the anniversary. You stay there, good mood and health. Oh, and don't drink much today … wine … but although, as your heart desires. They drink for health. I will also raise a cup for my health today with my friends, "said the public figure of Dni.ru. Manukian wished Efremov professional success. “I am awaiting from you new creative victories like the one that you and the whole creative team had in the film“ 12 ”by Nikita Mikhalkov. Well, its this policy. This is a dirty business,” concluded the public man. the actor. Earlier, the public man proposed to deprive Mikhail Efremov of the title of Honored Artist for scandalous remarks about Russia, a discussion flared up in society. Many Russians supported the initiative. Some proposed to deprive the artist of his citizenship so that he could move to Ukraine with a clear conscience.

Recall the scandal flared up because of the tour of Mikhail Efremov. The artist, together with the poet Andrei Orlov, known as Orlusha, went to please the Ukrainians with poems and sketches about horrors in the USSR and Russia. In an interview, Efremov said that the "communist world" in Russia was over. However, according to him, it was no better, because another appeared – imperial. "Phantom pains," the actor diagnosed. These words, together with the concert program, with which he is tending the audience in Ukraine, created the feeling that the actor went abroad to throw mud at the Motherland.


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