Do not expect lunar eclipse today 27 July 2021 in Italy: false time and date

There are still false expectations in Italy today, regarding a presumed lunar eclipse scheduled for July 27, 2021 here in Italy and in the rest of the world. In truth, we had provided some news on this already last week, trying to explain the underlying misunderstanding behind this hoax, but many still have not understood the situation well according to what was collected in the morning. That is why I have decided to return to the subject, so that false beliefs are not created in our country as well.

Some clarifications on the alleged lunar eclipse today 27 July 2021 in Italy

In short, once again, there will be no lunar eclipse today July 27, 2021 in Italy. This is an event that was scheduled, on this day, in the now distant 2018. Some posts that run on social media only report the date and not the year, fueling the false news that the long-awaited event can be observed in the evening in our skies. This is not the case and we need to clarify it definitively, since many comment on the aforementioned posts leaving us to perceive expectations that have no reason to exist.

Therefore, today’s one is not a classic hoax, perhaps consciously fed by people, but only old news shared by people with superficiality, testifying to the fact that social networks are often not used correctly. Unlike what happens with other current issues, believe in the fake news of the lunar eclipse scheduled for today 21 July 2021 does not involve damage to such subjects, but it is equally important to clarify that everything revolves around a basic misunderstanding.

In short, do not expect a moon eclipse, with a specific time reported by some people. The next lunar eclipse, in fact, will be the November 19, 2021, while for that solar we will have to wait on December 4, 2021.

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