With 11 victories on her record, Julie challenged Grégory to open the evening Do not forget the lyrics from Wednesday, August 21st. The challenger landed on the festive title "Ensemble" sung in 1997 by Sinclair.

Nagui warned Julie: " He already came on the show and became maestro ". At the time, he had won 7,000 euros. Francis Cabrel's "Night Keeper", Véronique Sanson's "Person's Need" and "Indila's Last Dance" were reproduced by the orchestra. This time, Grégory has not tasted the joys of the money mic by bowing on the score of 65 to 147. In the final, the champion went white with Carla Bruni singing "The most beautiful neighborhood".

A thirteenth victory of misfortune

Pauline then tried her luck against the maestro. The latter preferred to interpret Khaled's "Aicha" rather than Calogero's "Yalla". His opponent set his sights on the theme "Kendji Girac" before singing "Me Quemo". Julie's thirteenth win was not easy (108-88). With the song "In my pockets", the holder of the silver microphone failed once again in the final. The number 13 will not have brought him luck.

On the other hand, the hearings of the game went well with two numbers appreciated successively by 1.67 and 2.73 million viewers, corresponding to market shares of 16.7% and 20.2%.


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