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Do not put parsley in your vagina, the doctors warn, after Marie Claire said it could trigger periods

Women's magazine Marie Claire has been criticized by medical experts as "irresponsible" after suggesting that women can introduce parsley into their vagina to initiate periods.

According to the article, which discusses various menstrual bleeding techniques, parsley can help set the period in motion by alleviating the cervix and compensating for hormonal imbalances that may delay the period.

The reason is probably that parsley is an emmenagogue, a substance that stimulates or enhances the menstrual flow.

"If you're having trouble finding a parsley-based dish, do not panic – the most effective forms are parsley tea and parsley vaginal inserts," the article says.

However, doctors strongly advise against using parsley in the vagina – as this can lead to numerous health risks.

Dr. Shazia Malik told The IndependentThere is no indication that a woman could benefit, and there is a clear risk of significant harm as deaths have been reported.

"I would urge women not to lodge anything, unless they have obtained medical advice."

Dr. Sheila Newman repeated the warning not to put the parsley in the vagina and told us, "This is not something recommended by gynecologists.

"There are only a few things that should go into your vagina, and vegetables are usually not included."

In addition, Dr. Newman: "There are ways to manipulate your menstrual cycle and avoid having your period at specific times, but they should be discussed with your gynecologist" and that the advice of Dr. Ing. Marie Claire is "irresponsible".

Huda Beauty criticized the "disgusting" DIY guide for whitening your vagina

In addition to the unsubstantiated claims that parsley can induce periods, the herb has also been touted as a method of inducing at-home abortions – which can lead to infections and possibly fatal ones.

There are also "no evidence-based practices" that this works, Dr. Newman. "We have safe and effective ways to end an unwanted pregnancy."

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In August, a woman died of septic shock and an infection after allegedly using parsley to cause a miscarriage in Argentina.

The Independent has contacted Marie Claire for comment.



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