Do not waste a year, join Epitech Reunion in February

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You are disappointed by the training you have integrated since the start of the school year? Do you like computers and want to revive your studies? It is not too late. Epitech, the very famous Informatic school opened on our island a few months ago to welcome very first promotion October 3rd. But, Epitech also thought of welcoming young people who would like reorient , by opening a specific curriculum , specially set to upgrade you without losing a year.
By joining this course, you will benefit from the teachings of a school with innovative pedagogy, based on the project method. This active method allows the student to quickly touch all sectors of the programming , of C language to the IT security going through the video games or the Articific Intelligence . In order to receive a complete training that will distinguish once in the job market, many teaching modules are added as and progressively in the curriculum.

Who is this course for?
To claim to integrate this curriculum in offset, it suffices to to be under 24 years of age and to want to embark on an ambitious curriculum in computer science.

How’s it going ?
The return will take place on February 19th, and the curriculum will be as follows:
– First part: from February 19, 2018 to October 31, 2018
– Internship: from November 2018 to December 2018
– Second part: from January 2019 to July 2019 – Offset students are integrated with 2nd year students
– September 2019: the course is validated
At the end, you will be able to integrate directly the 3rd year Epitech.

As a reminder, Epitech is …
… a computer school over 5 years, accessible to graduates of all sections. What is important at Epitech is the student’s interest in innovation and the computer professions.
Already established in 12 major cities, Epitech already attracted many Reunion Islanders. But they had to leave the island to join the curriculum. This is no longer necessary with the arrival of the school in Saint-André, where it is possible to follow the first three years of the course, before performing a year abroad and one year in Paris.
At the exit of the school, it is title of level 1 (BAC + 5), particularly recognized by the companies, which is delivered. 100% of graduates find themselves in business right out of school, of which 95% have direct access to a permanent contract and 88% to executive status.

Open Doors Day to learn more
On Saturday, December 16th, Epitech School in Saint-André organizes its very first Open Day. This is an opportunity for those interested in this training to learn more about the curriculum and its opportunities. On site, you can exchange with students and visit the premises recently invested by the first promotion Reunion!
It’s happening on December 16th at 9am, 11am and 2pm!

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