Do restaurants make soft drinks? We know exactly how much they charge for them

The server performed on the basis of published beverage menus price comparison several soft drinks in selected gastronomic establishments across the country.

As we wrotefor example, in the U Šumavy restaurant they planned to raise prices due to higher energy prices and supplier prices, both for food and drinks. Sylvio Spohrowner of Café Louvre and president of the Apron Association, explained that when an innkeeper needs money, it doesn’t matter what will become more expensive – They have to get more money to survive, and it doesn’t matter if they go from drinks or food. This must be decided by each entrepreneur within their strategy, complements.

Restaurant guests are starting to choose according to prices

In April, restaurant operators server they stated that in the Ostrava or Prague restaurants they did not notice that their guests chose dishes according to the price and thus the popularity of some dishes would change. Based on Edenred’s Ticket Restaurant Card Index, it has been shown that Czechs limit visits restaurants. When they go out to eat at noon, they save and choose only one course, and they don’t drink as often as before. Prices in restaurants are rising, we don’t go to lunch that often and we also choose carefully from the menu and follow a lot more depending on what’s cheap, adds Aneta Martiškovámember of the management of Edenred. They will only show in the coming weeks how much the Czechs will limit their visits to the gastronomy. We will be able to evaluate statistics more reliably in a month at the earliest, says the director of Dotykačka about the May sales in gastronomy Petr Menclík.

In the comparison, the tables include prices for 0.5 liters of draft drink (most often Kofola or Malinovka), juice regardless of flavor (it is usually in a bottle with a volume of 2 dcl), cola drink in a bottle (most often 0 , 33 l or 0.25 l with the same price) and homemade lemonade. For that, its volume depends on the restaurant – somewhere there is a choice of 0.3 liters or 0.5 liters, elsewhere it is 0.4 or 0.5 liters.

How much are soft drinks in Prague

In Prague, the cheapest is lemonade or Kofola for 27 crowns and the most expensive for 59 crowns. The highest price for juice is 75 crowns and the average price for it is less than 50 CZK. The prices of sparkling water range from 31 to 61 CZK and the most expensive homemade lemonade costs 105 crowns.

Prices for soft drinks in Prague
RestaurantLemonade / KofolaJuiceSparkling waterPepsi/Cola ColaHome-made lemonade
Kozlovna Apropos55 CZK45 CZK55 CZK69 CZK
Na Břežance55 CZK45 CZK35 CZK45 CZK55 CZK
They ate45 CZK45 CZK45 CZK55 CZK
At the Bakery42 CZK45 CZK45 CZK45 CZK
Pilsnerka Národní45 CZK59 CZK49 CZK55 CZK
Potřefená Husa Central Station55 CZK49 CZK55 CZK75 CZK
Pražanka Šenkýrna27 CZK43 CZK31 CZK43 CZK
Restaurant Jáma49 CZK49 CZK49 CZK49 CZK
Restaurant Obecní dům75 CZK55 CZK75 CZK85 CZK
Restaurant U Jindřišské věže47 CZK44 CZK38 CZK44 CZK
Restaurant U Zpěváčků38 CZK38 CZK40 CZK45 CZK85 CZK
Restaurant Base59 CZK55 CZK59 CZK89 CZK
Restaurant Graff30 CZK40 CZK45 CZK55 CZK
Restaurant Kandelábr52 CZK43 CZK49 CZK52 CZK85 CZK
House in Jakubsky59 CZK49 CZK55 CZK55 CZK
U Pinkasů55 CZK45 CZK55 CZK
In Šumava59 CZK35 CZK39 CZK45 CZK
Vinohrady pub35 CZK45 CZK55 CZK
Vinohrady Parliament42 CZK39 CZK36 CZK48 CZK79 CZK
Heating plant72 CZK61 CZK72 CZK105 CZK

In Brno, there are similar prices across drinks and businesses

As the table shows, the prices of soft drinks in Brno are often the same regardless of the type of drink. They are also similar within companies, although for example juices there is a difference between the cheapest company U Kajmana (CZK 30) and the most expensive Pavilion Steak House (70 CZK) in the amount of 40 crowns. Homemade lemonade is also the most expensive restaurant in the latter restaurant. Sparkling water then costs up to 40 crowns in half of the restaurants.

Prices for soft drinks in Brno
RestaurantLemonade / KofolaJuiceSparkling waterPepsi/Coca-ColaHome-made lemonade
Baroque37 CZK37 CZK37 CZK37 CZK65 CZK
Gusto Plzeňka50 CZK50 CZK80 CZK
Like a beer bar and restaurant58 CZK48 CZK58 CZK
Mount Bu56 CZK49 CZK56 CZK99 CZK
On the Button43 CZK44 CZK36 CZK44 CZK69 CZK
On Purkynka39 CZK39 CZK39 CZK
Nok Nok Restaurant59 CZK52 CZK59 CZK99 CZK
Pavillon Steak House70 CZK50 CZK55 CZK110 CZK
Potrefená Husa Cabbage market49 CZK39 CZK55 CZK74 CZK
Laguna Restaurant35 CZK41 CZK30 CZK43 CZK
Restaurant and pub PADOWETZ45 CZK45 CZK54 CZK
Stopkova plzenska pivnice49 CZK44 CZK53 CZK
Storey restaurant47 CZK41 CZK47 CZK69 CZK
Medieval tavern52 CZK43 CZK52 CZK68 CZK
Šelepka restaurant35 CZK46 CZK38 CZK46 CZK68 CZK
At the Wooden Eagle43 CZK43 CZK43 CZK43 CZK65 CZK
In Cayman30 CZK30 CZK35 CZK35 CZK65 CZK
At the Mamlas50 CZK54 CZK54 CZK54 CZK84 CZK
At the Three Devils45 CZK46 CZK39 CZK49 CZK69 CZK
At the Three Monkeys39 CZK45 CZK35 CZK45 CZK60 CZK


Ostrava companies offer homemade lemonade only exceptionally

Homemade lemonade was offered by Ostrava restaurants in only eight cases and its prices ranged from 59 to 90 crowns. The cheapest sparkling water (20 CZK) and a cola drink in a bottle (30 CZK) were in the Alvi Restaurant and the most expensive juice and Pepsi or Coca Cola for the same 65 crowns can be enjoyed at the Bernies grill & wine restaurant.

Prices for soft drinks in Ostrava
RestaurantLemonade / KofolaJuiceSparkling waterPepsi/Coca-ColaHome-made lemonade
Bernies grill & wine restaurant65 CZK65 CZK75 CZK
Frankie´s pub55 CZK47 CZK35 CZK45 CZK
Brush restaurant45 CZK39 CZK29 CZK42 CZK
Knossos restaurant32 CZK25 CZK35 CZK
the future60 CZK55 CZK55 CZK55 CZK80 CZK
LaStrada Restaurant49 CZK45 CZK49 CZK
Moravian cottage40 CZK40 CZK40 CZK60 CZK
Ostravárna U Jubilejní43 CZK45 CZK34 CZK45 CZK
Restaurant palette39 CZK35 CZK39 CZK59 CZK
PUOR – Silesian46 CZK36 CZK46 CZK
Radegastovna Na Namesti55 CZK49 CZK39 CZK48 CZK79 CZK
City Hall Restaurant Ostrava35 CZK30 CZK35 CZK60 CZK
Restaurant Alvi30 CZKCZK 2030 CZK
Restaurant Stodola35 CZK35 CZK25 CZK35 CZK
Restaurant Toni45 CZK36 CZK30 CZK39 CZK65 CZK
Restaurant U Radnice33 CZK25 CZK33 CZK
Restaurant U Rady38 CZK28 CZK38 CZK
Sbeerka57 CZK40 CZK55 CZK90 CZK
Executed Pub Pustkovec50 CZK46 CZK35 CZK43 CZK
U Dvořáčků45 CZK26 CZK38 CZK45 CZK

There is the least tapped soft drinks in Pilsen

Only in 8 out of 20 selected Pilsen companies do they offer any tapped lemonade. Its prices are also lower compared to the others, ranging from 27 to 45 crowns. Juices here cost an average of CZK 45.65 and sparkling water CZK 37.30. Guests of the restaurant can get cola drinks here for CZK 59 (Restaurant and Hotel Rango), 85 crowns will be enough for the most expensive homemade lemonade.

Prices for soft drinks in Pilsen
RestaurantLemonade / KofolaJuiceSparkling waterPepsi/Coca-ColaHome-made lemonade
Pubs 2040 CZK41 CZK33 CZK41 CZK
Pizzeria Gargano52 CZK45 CZK52 CZK55 CZK
Plzenka Plzen52 CZK39 CZK52 CZK59 CZK
Plzeňská Formanka35 CZK40 CZK30 CZK35 CZK75 CZK
Pulcinella51 CZK44 CZK49 CZK68 CZK
Mayor55 CZK46 CZK49 CZK
Republic 2455 CZK45 CZK49 CZK79 CZK
Restaurant Klášterní35 CZK33 CZK29 CZK33 CZK
Restaurant TJ Prazdroj27 CZK35 CZK25 CZK35 CZK
Restaurant U Gigantu35 CZK40 CZK40 CZK40 CZK80 CZK
Restaurant In the villas55 CZK45 CZK55 CZK75 CZK
Restaurant Behind the curtain40 CZK35 CZK52 CZK69 CZK
Restaurant Žumbera45 CZK42 CZK29 CZK42 CZK
Restaurant 1244 CZK37 CZK49 CZK59 CZK
Restaurant to hotel Range59 CZK53 CZK59 CZK79 CZK
Restaurant Flora45 CZK33 CZK45 CZK
Starobolevecká pub37 CZK44 CZK35 CZK44 CZK85 CZK
At the Butcher45 CZK35 CZK45 CZK
At the Salzmanns44 CZK37 CZK49 CZK
Wallis restaurant and guest house35 CZK41 CZK31 CZK41 CZK

What are the average prices of soft drinks?

Prices for draft drinks ranged from 27 to 60 CZK, with a large percentage of restaurants not on offer. The average price was 45.23 crowns, with Prague approaching this average the most. You can get juices in restaurants for an average of 46.23 CZK and sparkling water for less than 40 crowns. Pepsi or Coca Cola in bottles costs an average of CZK 47.20. There are relatively large differences in the prices of homemade lemonade, and the average is less than CZK 73.

Average prices for soft drinks
A drinkLemonade / KofolaJuiceSparkling waterPepsi/Coca-ColaHome-made lemonade
Average price42.53 CZK46.23 CZK39.38 CZKCZK 47.2072.81 CZK

The most expensive lemonade or Kofola is based on the average in Ostrava, while in Pilsen it remains below the overall average (CZK 36.13). The highest average price for juice is in Prague restaurants (49.74 crowns) and sparkling water is the cheapest in Ostrava CZK 33.89. Guests of gastronomic establishments pay the most for homemade lemonade in Brno, but the fluctuation on average can only be caused by one more expensive lemonade. In other cities, the price remains below the average of all cities, ie below less than 73 crowns.

Average prices for soft drinks in cities
Drink / CityLemonade / KofolaJuiceSparkling waterPepsi/ CokeHome-made lemonade
Prague45.22 CZK49.74 CZK44.50 CZK51.60 CZK71.41 CZK
BrnoCZK 40.2048.16 CZK41.95 CZK48.70 CZK76.27 CZK
Ostrava48.11 CZK42.10 CZK33.89 CZK43.10 CZK71.00 CZK
Pilsen36.13 CZK45.65 CZK37.30 CZK45.80 CZK71.18 CZK

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