Do you have a password for Windows 10? WARNING, it can be stolen if you install this

Windows 10 passwords can be easily “stolen” with the help of free applications that many install.

Very easy to find on the internet, the interface themes for Windows 10 can be a real help to refresh the Windows interface. Unfortunately, special extension files can be manipulated to steal your Windows password, paving the way for other and more sophisticated attacks.

Microsoft allows users to create their own interface themes for Windows 10, with a single executable file that can apply system sounds, wallpapers, a modified cursor design, and a custom color scheme.

Centralized on specialized sites, Windows themes can be downloaded with just a few clicks, providing the diversity coveted by users. Theoretically, the .theme extension specifically created by Microsoft as a container for Windows interface themes should not allow modification of other aspects of the operating system. Target for hackers, the file format was eventually “broken”, making it possible to use these files to intercept the Windows password, writes


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