Do you have an account on Flickr? Your photos could disappear

Do you have an account on Flickr? Your photos could disappear

For a time, Flickr It was a platform for all photography enthusiasts and professionals to upload their photos to a community willing to see images of good quality. However, that is about to change.

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<p>It was through Bussines Wire that its new owners SmugMug announced some changes that will put in check those who have <strong>Photographs </strong>on the platform in its free version, since from next year, the accounts free of payment in <strong>Flickr </strong>they will be only for the best thousand images, regardless of size.</p>
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"One of the most requested changes was a simpler login, and we are pleased to share that as of January 2019, there will be no need for an account on Yahoo! to access Flickr", reads the site.

"Free services" are rarely really free for users, users pay with their data or with their time, we would prefer the arrangement to be transparent, free members can still participate fully in our community. 1,000 photos loaded in Flickr will have until Tuesday, January 8, 2019 to update Pro or download photos above the limit of 1,000. After January 8, members who exceed the limit will no longer be able to upload new photos Flickr"

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<p>For those who want to continue in the <strong>platform </strong>of <strong>Flickr</strong>, the company offers in exchange for your payment: browse without advertising, advanced statistics, 5k size for photographs and discounts in <strong>Adobe Creative Cloud </strong>among others. </p>
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