Do you know everything it can do for you?

It happens on numerous occasions: when you take out your home insurance, you read all the coverage in detail. However, and with luck, if there is no accident, this information can be forgotten. That is why today from Caja Rural Granada, they refresh our memory and tell us about some of the most curious cases that the Multi-Risk Home Insurance that the financial institution manages offers. Some will surprise you!

Specifically, the insurance offered by Caja Rural Granada covers the most common events: water damage, theft, fire, glass breakage and sanitary ware, or aesthetic restoration of the property. It also offers the possibility of insuring jewelry and valuables.

Where is the peculiarity? This type of insurance also offers other particularly useful benefits that are not always linked to an accident. One of them is the DIY service or, put another way, handyman. It is enough to make a call to receive a visit from a professional and receive support to carry out small repair and maintenance jobs at home.

Replacing sockets, light switches, installing gutters, faucets, or placing shelves or curtains are just some of the possible options. In this sense, it is important to remember that there is a limited number of requests per year according to the contract.

Another of the coverages offered is the remote computer assistance. Customers have at their disposal a team of professionals with whom they can contact by phone or online chat to guide them to resolve computer or mobile phone incidents. It is especially useful, for example, for tasks such as programming a new mobile phone, computer and other technological devices that do not require physical repair. The computer data recovery is another of the services offered.

There are other curious cases such as the following:

I caused water damage to my neighbor, do you repair the damage?

Yes, damages caused by water to third parties are repaired, even if they are accidental, such as leaving a tap running.

My son accidentally hit a man who was coming down the street with a ball and broke his glasses. Does the insurance cover my liability?

Yes, the Family Civil Liability coverage covers the obligation to indemnify third parties who have suffered damages as a result of events caused in your private life and that of the family if they live in the same home.

Special promotion until March 31

Caja Rural Granada currently has a special promotion within the Enjoy Safe Plan. The Entity offers up to an 8% discount to people who combine all their insurance in a single plan the first year, one of them being a new hire.

This operation also includes other advantages, since the client will be able to: split their payments through the Multitranquilidad Flat Rate that allows them to know the fixed amount to pay without surprises. Thus, this option offers the possibility of including each insurance at its end date or in the contract itself and making the payment in 12 equal installments, without interest, commissions or additional costs, with an APR of 0%. In addition, the entity offers other benefits such as personalized attention and exclusive protection and enjoyment services with leisure plans.

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