An investigation by the United States Department of Agriculture revealed the dangers to which health is exposed when washing food such as chicken or meat.

When preparing food, a very common action is to first "clean" them in the kitchen laundry. Well, that fact has been affecting not only your health but that of your entire family and Aweita will explain what it is based on to say that it is better not to wash any meat. YOU CAN INTEREST: Single Day: Learn about the advantages of celebrating and why it is important in the worldAccording to recent research, washing raw meats, especially chicken or turkey, induces an infectious focus called "cross-contamination" that appears when toxins and bacteria in one food are transferred to another recipient. According to a study carried out by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) when washing using water and rubbing the food under the tap or spout, micro droplets are produced that carry bacteria to other foods and can even further contaminate all the meat. Such contaminated spills can travel up to an extension of one meter away and also be deposited on the kitchen utensils, aprons, cleaning rags, clothes and more. According to the Food Standards Agency of the United Kingdom he named the bacteria that usually spread by washing the chicken before cooking it as campylobacter.Specialists claim that the ideal way to place raw meats is to take them directly to the pot because the cooking process It will eliminate bacteria. If you need to remove remains of meat, it is preferable to keep the dishes and fresh foods away from the laundry. DO NOT MISS IT: Better pages to watch movies and series ONLINE FREE 2018 in a safe and legal way


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