Do you know the Kardashian second-hand site?

On its platform dedicated to resale, the most followed family in America on social networks is selling their clothes. On the program: luxury, traces of foundation and a hint of greenwashing.

The business, a constant affair for the Kardashian-Jenner family, who have sniffed out the second-hand vein by selling their wardrobe on a dedicated online sales site, Kardashian Kloset. The business flourished in 2019 under the leadership of Kris Jenner, the mother of the clan, then joined by her daughters Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kylie and Kendall. Together, they decide to sell their little-worn pieces, create their site in their name and use Instagram as a showcase, whose dedicated account now has 2.1 million subscribers. Elementary for these money makers.

The business works like a professionalized Vinted account: new pieces are put online every week. You can find a Saint Laurent coat worn by Kylie Jenner (sold for the modest sum of 4495 dollars), a pair of Prada boots straight out of Kim Kardashian’s dressing room at the price of 995 dollars, or a Kaithe bag worn by Kendall Jenner , displayed at 1895 dollars. On TikTok, we learn that some pieces can come with traces of foundation or holes… Like a catalog listing cropped photos, always taken from the same angle (on a mannequin), the pieces are offered by personality, each of the members of the clan declining their dressing room to an exclusively American clientele – deliveries do not go beyond the US borders.

The Ebay ancestor

The origin of this collective empty dressing room: an initiative launched by Kim Kardashian ten years ago. The youngest of the siblings began the process of selling her clothes in 2012, when she met Kanye West. The reality TV star was then selling her luxury bags and shoes on Ebay under the pseudonym kimsaprincess. Until 2019, all profits were donated to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles.

Then Kris Jenner, the mom nicknamed “Momanager”, came into play. The “artisanal” resale of Kim Kardashian’s clothes has taken a more commercial turn, spearheaded by the argument of eco-responsibility put forward on the site, against the grain of the consumerist image that sticks to the skin of the clan: “Our goal at Kardashian Kloset is to share part of the Kardashian Jenner family lifestyle by providing you with the opportunity to own unique objects while promoting sustainability”.

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Kardashian and ecology: did you say divisive?

A green argument for selling clothes that makes many tick on the networks. It must be said that the family is regularly accused of greenwashing. Starting with Kim Kardashian, with her Skims underwear brand created in 2019, whose “green” communication was questioned by the Changing Markets Foundation, denouncing false advertising.

Kourtney Kardashian-Baker also faced a lot of criticism last September, following her collaboration with the fast-fashion brand Boohoo. The label has put forward a “sustainable” collection, which has aroused strong reactions from Internet users, also denouncing a form of inconsistency. But it is above all Kylie Jenner who has drawn the wrath of her Instagram community, after being staged in the arms of her spouse Travis Scott in front of their two private jets, with the caption: “We take yours or mine ?”. A bad buzz. But, it seems, it makes business go round.