Do you know the Skoda 100 Georgina GTR? The homemade pancake is the lowest car in the Czech Republic

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This cake once started as an ordinary Škoda 100, today it represents “the lowest production special with a closed body” in the Czech Republic.

The Škoda 100 Georgina GTR is closely associated with an enthusiast named George Negru, who bought the still completely normal “hundred” from a friend in 1980. He gradually modified it, but the turning point came 23 years later. It was then that he thought of turning the Škoda into a car with which he could participate in amateur races. He first tried hill races, later adding quarter-mile sprints. He reduced the damage by 110 mm, also focused on weight reduction and made other modifications. Thus the first Georgina was born, a racer weighing 595 kg.

And of course he tuned, modified and improved his machine in various ways. For example, an engine from a favorite was moved into the sedan, the chassis was lowered, the body was smoothed, aerodynamic elements were added and attention was also paid to cooling. The car also changed its appearance differently.

After a few years, George decided to make another change, this time a radical one. Although the Skoda was already significantly different from the serial version, it was not enough for the owner. He told himself that he would build an aerodynamic pancake on its technical basis. He started work in 2012.

Negru modified the chassis and floor from the “hundred”, the axles come from the “hundred and twentieth”, and the favorite engine was supplemented with carburetors from a Kawasaki motorcycle. The main reason why the Georgina GTR is unmissable, however, is the new bodywork. It is made of aluminum and Negru made it himself according to his own design. He was also inspired by the legendary Czechoslovak vehicle GIOM 1. In 2019, it was finished.

And because the highest point of the body is located at a height of only 722 mm from the ground, the vehicle even made it into the Czech record book of the Dobrý Den Agency as the “lowest closed-body special vehicle” in the Czech Republic.

When George was building the car, he set a goal of getting it under 13 seconds in the quarter mile, which he did in August 2019. But then he embarked on another adventure and equipped his creation with a new, sharper engine that he had on order build. But the new power unit did not pass the first driving test. “I’ve been fighting with the car ever since and Georgina has been sitting for the last three years. But I finally managed to get the necessary parts and soon we will be putting the new engine together.” looking forward to the Negro.

The rear-mounted sixteen-valve direct-injection four-cylinder with a volume of 1.6 liters and direct intake will take care of the drive. The block comes from a Fabia, the crank from a Volkswagen Golf and the head from a VW Polo. The power should reach approximately 200 horsepower, and the torque 200 Nm. The engine will be complemented by a five-speed manual gearbox from a Škoda 130 – Hewland without synchros. The car weighs 495 kg, but due to the technical regulations of quarter-mile races, it must weigh 560 kg, so Negru adds weight.

George already has new goals in mind. “I’d like to put the quarter mile under 12 seconds, maybe even close to the 11-second mark,” he says. “And as far as other modifications are concerned, I’ll probably make a different front to cool the engine better. I also considered making the body even lower, but then I wouldn’t be able to fit inside with a helmet on.” supplies.

He practically has to lie down in the cabin now. “Which is a disadvantage when racing uphill, I can’t see very well from the car. So while everyone else is looking for the optimal track, I’m happy to find the right direction.” laughs the owner of a uniquely flat “Skodak”.

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