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The revolt against the state and against the banks. L’obligation of Pos for traders and freelancers, forced to accept since yesterday electronic payments with credit cards, even for small amounts, unleashes Giorgia Meloni and many trade associations.

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“Simply shameful“, accuses the leader of Brothers of Italy: “We have become the nation of obligations and coercions. With the silent compliance of the whole majority – writes Meloni, in fact the only one in the opposition among the major Italian parties – yet another obligation has come into force today. micro and small businesses: everyone is obliged to have the Pos, or to pay to banks yet another offering, between device cost and commissions. All to be borne by the companies, which obviously will be forced to pass the cost on to customers. The only ones to gain are the managers of electronic money, who can count on a state that forces its productive fabric to make use of their services, without even asking to cancel the commissions. Simply shameful “.

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Not surprisingly, there are those who have already defined themselves as “no Pos”. “I cannot allow a customer to pay for a lemon with the card, I lose out”, explains a street vendor from Turin a The print. A bartender from Naples provokes: “Are there no-vaxes? Well I’m a no Pos, for one euro I don’t accept cards. I want to see if they get me a fine. “A pastry chef from Genoa, heard by Republic, proposes a counterpart: “If the card is treated as cash, the management and transaction costs must be canceled”. And, as Leggo points out, the trick to circumvent the obligation is easy and has already begun: the fine for merchants is triggered only in case of refusal to accept card payment (but the customer must report the fact), not if the Pos is not there or the Network does not work. Translated: device failure may always be around the corner.



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