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Do you need to create a website? These 9 hosting and design tools are for sale.

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Get up to 95% off if you buy these deals in the next few days.
Get up to 95% off if you buy these deals in the next few days.

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Beyoncé once again broke the internet this month with the release of their "Homecoming" documentation and live album. Oh, and do not forget that lemonadelong awaited arrival at streaming services. (Poohshe is so generous.)

If you manage to scrape a few pieces of the web together for Bey, you can use them to create the site of your dreams with the following nine website building and website hosting offerings. Whether you're looking for a personal portfolio website or a digital platform for your business, you can count on your website to function well and look great when you use these affordable tools in the days ahead.

No programming or programming skills? That's no problem with the SSDPage Builder. With over 200 mobile-friendly and fully customizable templates, this simple drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to create and manage an impressive website. As an added bonus, every subscription comes with free hosting on Google Cloud servers for fast loading times and a range of SEO tools to increase your searchability.

A lifetime subscription to the SSDPage Website Builder and its hosting service usually costs $ 600, but you can purchase it today for only $ 29.99.

Also from SSDPage is the Anti-Hacker Premium Web Hosting Service, an enterprise-class DDOS security solution for up to four Web sites that protects your data from CXS malware, DDOS attacks and other cyber-criminal activity. With a value of $ 299.99, Mashable readers can earn a lifetime subscription for just $ 49.99 – a savings of 83%.

You've probably heard of WordPress – as in the CMS, which supports about half of the entire Internet – but did you know that you can create a WordPress site without having to write a single line of code? Enter Dragify is an intuitive drag-and-drop Word site builder designed to streamline the design process with more than 200 predefined blocks, maps, and presets. This package includes a lifelong subscription to Dragify ($ 745) and lifelong hosting and technical support for up to five websites via Ahead Web Hosting ($ 109.99).

Get the complete package for only $ 49.99, an impressive 94% savings.

In addition to providing tools for WordPress users, Dragify also has its own mobile website builder: PopSites Pro. Your goal is to make your website live in three simple steps: First sign up for the cloud-based platform and choose from over 100 ready-made templates for various websites and pages (including blogs, e-commerce stores, and guide pages ) , and more). Next, use the drag-and-drop builder to leverage the entire customization department. Once you fall in love with the look and feel of your website, you're just a click away from publishing your content.

Each Lifetime subscription to the Dragify PopSites Pro Site Builder comes with a hosting service that includes unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. Get a fraction of the original $ 499 retail price for just $ 29 today.

If you still do not sell through a website builder, you can try Page Builder Pro. It's great for business owners and offers a variety of features for selling products on a professional, mobile and SEO-friendly website, such as: For example, custom pop-ups and an online chat feature. You can use one of the predefined designs to get your website up and running or, if you're familiar with coding, you can design it from the ground up. It's your call, boss.

Get a lifetime subscription to Page Builder Pro for just $ 39 – a 94% fall from the usual $ 745.

With Namecheap, a shared hosting service with a hosting guarantee and Dell Server technology that gives you 100% uptime every month, you can bring your website to life without having to spend a fortune. This all-inclusive package includes one year of hosting, access to the Namecheap drag-and-drop website builder and your own "on-line" domain name, as well as a lifetime subscription to data protection services WhoIsGuard is working.

For $ 31.88, you get this pack for only $ 15.88 – a savings of 50%.

With Namecheap's outstanding offering, you can achieve a brand new and easy-to-understand look in a variety of different languages. Each subscription is valid for five years and comes with two free months of private email and a lifetime subscription to WhoIsGuard's privacy.

Get your ".online" page and all the extra perks for only $ 35.88 – 53% off the original retail price of $ 76.40.

If it's good enough for Nike, F1, and Emirates, it's probably good enough for you-and in that case, "it" is a ".STORE" domain name that effectively communicates your digital brand and purpose. For a limited time, Mashable readers can save 72% and pay only $ 39.99 for a five-year subscription to a ".STORE" domain name of their choice.

Used by Consumer Electronics Show (CES®), Intel and Viacom, they position their brand within the technology and programming markets with a ".TECH" domain name. With a value of $ 500, you get a ten-year subscription to the ".TECH" domain of your choice for just $ 79.99 – 84% savings.



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