Do you really do it? Facebook is going to launch a second paid version


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A US newspaper reported that the company “Facebook” is moving to launch a version of its social networking site, but paid, with the continuation of the free version also.
According to analysts, the annual subscription to this version will not exceed $ 18.75 per year, referring this value to the average earnings of “Facebook” of ads per user.
The newspaper said, quoting analysts, that the new version of the site “Facebook” will be driven but without ads, to avoid giving users data to advertisers.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who testified before the US Senate, “Congress”, said days ago that there would always be a free copy of Facebook, prompting observers to point out a second, paid and advertising-free version.
Mark Zuckerberg has faced a major crisis in recent days, culminating in his appearance before the Congress, against reports that Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firm, has made use of information about 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge.
After the Facebook scandal, Mark launched a new tool that allows users to ensure that their personal data is leaked, Cross link posting Tells the user if he or she is among those affected by his / her case.
Zuckerberg’s wealth jumped by $ 2.76 billion during his testimony before Congress, reaching $ 67 billion at the end of his interrogation, after losing more than $ 9 billion to the user abuse scandal.


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