Do you remember the Škoda 200R Turbo? This weirdness has over 200 horses

In Czech advertising, you can sometimes come across very strange cars. We will remember one of these today.

The term “we will remind you” is entirely appropriate, as the Škoda 200R Turbo is no newcomer to We wrote about this peculiar garage a year ago in connection with the effort of its owner to sell the car. But after more than a year, we came across an unusual-looking red piece in a domestic advertisement again … And because the owner added some new information this time, we thought we would write about the unusual machine again.

But let’s first remember what the Škoda 200R Turbo is. According to available information, the car started to be born sometime around 2016 in Slovakia, as this year the first photos of the body ready for painting appeared on social networks.

The body should be all-metal and seems to be based on the Škoda 110 R. At least some parts of it suggest this, such as the parts between the front hood and the windshield. The front hood and front mask itself probably also come from the “erka”, the door can also be identified.

However, the car received a number of distinctive modifications, especially the extended fenders with large holes in the back. But the most striking part is certainly the sloping stern, which seems to be wavy, and lacking a rear window. Everything is complemented by new headlights, two exhaust tailpipes and large black wheels. And we must also mention the absence of bumpers, which also affects the final impression.

The car got a new interior with sports seats, a wooden steering wheel and new upholstery. And because this garage has a removable roof panel, maybe we can talk about it as a tarze.

New information from the ad relates to technology. We now know that the turbocharged two-liter drive takes care of the drive, which according to the seller provides 150 kW, ie 204 hp. From the photos it seems that the engine is stored in front of the rear axle, not behind it as in the “erka”. The car is also said to be standing on an air chassis.

While a year ago the owner stated the price of CZK 1,000,000 in the advertisement, this time we will read about the agreement.