DOA: “I admit my taste for Murat”

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President of the Prix Landerneau Polar 2020 which rewarded Five Burnt Cards by Sophie Loubière (Black River), Hervé Albertazzi aka DOA is one of the most original black novel authors of the last decade: Pukhtu Primo and Pukhtu Secundo have really rocked the genre.

What was the first teen record you bought with your own money?

David Bowie, Scary Monsters, in December 1980, with pocket money received at Christmas. I was 12 years old.

Your favorite way to listen to music?

I have no nostalgia for the support, I have followed the various developments in technology. My only limit to the spirit of the times is that I like the idea of ​​owning my music and not renting it. I am therefore fully converted to digital, in very high quality, but not to streaming.

The last disc you bought?

With much delay, The chief by Jidenna, digitally.

Where do you prefer to listen to music?

While walking.

Do you listen to music while working?


The song you’re ashamed to listen to with pleasure?

I sometimes hesitate to admit my taste for Jean-Louis Murat; I wonder why, in fact.

The record everyone likes and hates?

It is not so much a record as some artists, to whom I remain completely hermetic: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Radiohead … But all hope is not lost. For a long time, I did not understand why Gainsbourg. And I saw the light.

The disc you will need to survive on a desert island?

The compilation Singles Collection maybe Bowie’s?

Is there a label to which you are particularly attached?

In recent years, I have been infatuated with the work of the Americans of Ghostly and the Berliners of Finest Ego, of which I appreciate almost everything.

Which record sleeve do you want to frame at home as a work of art?

The painted portrait of Hendrix for Electric Ladyland or the snapshot of Bashung taken for Recklessness.

A record you would like to hear at your funeral?

Thousand Knives by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Do you prefer records or live music?

The disks.

Your most beautiful concert?

Miles Davis, during his last appearance at Jazz à Vienne in 1991.

Do you go to a club to dance, flirt, listen to music on a good soundsystem or do you never go to a club?

I was going there. My last visit to the club dates back to the summer of 2017. It was the Lab Oratory, at the bottom of the Berghain, and I went there for work. I hardly see any other reason to go to a club, it’s a passion of people younger than me.

Your favorite musical film or your favorite film music?

Absolute Beginners for the musical film, but my culture on the subject is very limited, the genre does not interest me. Heat for B.O.

What is the record that you share with the person who accompanies you in life?

Yppah, In Two, The Weakly.

The piece that drives you crazy?

The message song that is rampant everywhere today, and especially in French-language production. I would like that, failing to keep their opinions to themselves, the interpreters of the moment be at least subtle and poetic in their attempts to build up the masses.

The last disc you listened to repeatedly?

A personal compilation of all the singles of the German DJ Daso.

The group you would have liked to be part of?

None, I do not work very well in band.

The song that always makes you cry?

Lloyd Cole, Downtown. A song associated with a very dear person who died.

Patrice bardot

His favorite titles

Jimi Hendrix All Along The Watchtower (1968)

David Bowie Wild Is The Wind (1976)

Alain Bashung The South (2009)



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