Doctor Boyke Beber So that Men’s Fluids don’t come out easily, it’s easy – Sexologist Doctor Boyke Dian Nugraha SpOG MARS openly provides a way to make husband and wife hotter in bed.

Because, without realizing it, there are some daily routines that can cause men to weaken when having sex.

This was revealed by Doctor Boyke in a video uploaded on the WAW Entertainment YouTube channel.

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According to Doctor Boyke, an unhealthy lifestyle will actually make the relationship between husband and wife dim. Because, men’s fluids will come out faster.

Doctor Boyke also revealed that several female patients complained that their husbands had a big appetite but once they had sex, they only came out for 2 to 3 minutes.

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“His wife was angry, she said, ‘Why does my doctor look like a seminal drain,'” said Doctor Boyke, quoted by, Tuesday (26/10).

Responding to this, Boyke’s doctor usually asks the man’s lifestyle.

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Eating foods that are not nutritious, lack of exercise, staying up late, smoking, drinking alcohol, will accelerate men experience premature ejaculation.

Watch this video: