Doctor clarifies Virginia’s diagnosis. Understand!

After two days in hospital, Virginia Fonseca finally had her headaches diagnosed. Through a medical report, the hospital where the influencer is informed to the press that Virginia suffers from refractory headache. But what does this condition mean? To understand what it is, the LeoDias column talked to the neurosurgeon of the Albert Einstein hospital Wanderley Cerqueira.

The doctor explained that refractory headache is common but constant headaches that are difficult to treat: “Refractory headache, as the name says, is one that is difficult to treat immediately. It is the one that you medicate the patient and he always continues with that pain, or a lesser pain or a more persistent pain”.


The neurologist said that the fact that Virginia is pregnant makes treatment difficult, since the influencer cannot consume any type of medication: “It is that patient who, sometimes, we cannot give the ideal medication because otherwise the medication will pass through the placenta and affect the fetus”.

Despite the constant pain and difficult treatment, Cerqueira made it clear that Virginia’s condition is not alarming or uncommon: “It is not worrying, as long as you do all the tests and there is no structural injury, a brain injury such as a tumor, for example. If it is not the case of the patient, it is not testing drugs (which is resolved), it is seeing the best answer”. It is worth remembering that, since Sunday (15/5), when she was admitted to the hospital, Virginia has done all kinds of tests, confirming that her health and that of the baby are up to date, in addition to the influencer’s headache.

Finally, Wanderley Cerqueira that, due to pregnancy, the biggest challenge is to adapt to medications. “The main difficulty at this moment is to adapt to the treatment, also because of the pregnancy. You have a large arsenal of medicines and you have to shape it there, not by choosing or testing it”.

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