Doctor: There’s No Specific Drug To Treat Monkey Pox

Monkeypox is treated by giving smallpox and chickenpox drugs.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Monkeypox infection that has occurred in many countries including Indonesia has raised the question of whether there is a cure for it. Apparently there is no specific drug to treat monkeypox.

“According to theory, there is no specific drug for monkeypox. So, antiviral drugs for monkeypox cannot be given,” said the Internal Medicine Specialist from the Fatmawati Central General Hospital (RSUP), Ifael Mauleti, Wednesday (22/9/2022). ).

He explains, monkey pox is caused by a virus monkeypox. However, he said several experts had tried several antivirals because monkeypox was still in the same family as chickenpox and smallpox infection. Medicines for chickenpox and smallpox have been tried on monkeypox patients.

“It’s just that there has been no decision or acknowledgment that this (chickenpox and smallpox antiviral) is a drug that can be used for monkeypox,” he said.

So far he said the medical party treats the symptoms that appear. For example, fever, this symptom is treated, or if you feel pain, it is also treated.

He added that the more important treatment is the skin disorder. This is because the source of bacterial infection can enter because the skin lesions of monkeypox patients are broken open. This means that monkeypox skin care must be taken seriously so that it does not cause bacterial infections that enter through this route.

“So, for monkeypox, the focus is more on treatment,” he said.

Regarding the use of antibiotics, he explained that these drugs are used for diseases caused by bacteria. This means that when an infection is caused by bacteria, antibiotics are given. Meanwhile, infections caused by viruses are given anti-virus. So, antibiotics can not be used for viral diseases. However, he did not rule out the possibility of infection monkeypox it’s getting antibiotics. All depends on the doctor will assess it.

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“For example, if the doctor sees that there is pus or ulcers growing in the lesion and suspects that there is a bacterial infection, they will then be examined in the laboratory. If the results are true, there is bacteria gathering there, then antibiotics can be given,” he said.

Then the initial symptoms such as sore throat and over time the cough gets worse until shortness of breath of monkeypox patients will be seen. Then, after doctors evaluated the emergence of pneumonia that was proven to be caused by bacteria, antibiotics could finally be given to monkeypox patients.

“Because complications of other diseases can arise and accompany monkeypox infection,” he said.