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Doctor tries to alleviate death by writing comic ‘last letter’

by archyw

An American from Ohio, in the United States, drew attention when he wrote his own obituary in a humorous message stating the date and location of his wake. TLee Flanigan, 48, died on April 27. The cause of his death was not disclosed.

Yes, I joined names like Princess Diana, John Belushi and Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, to go out while still at the top of my game as an iconic superhero who looked almost too good to be true says excerpt.

The doctor even used his good humor to say goodbye. “Oh, there was also that complete and rewarding period of ‘cosmetic and reconstructive surgery’. Blah, blah, blah. But let’s talk about my true legacy …”:

Dad’s jokes, New Year’s letters, Facebook memes. What was I for this world if not a beacon of light shining on those who couldn’t scan the internet for their own hilarious and fun comic relief? I think what I’m trying to say is that you’re welcome and you owe me a lot.

The father of three, the ex-military and plastic surgeon showed seriousness in a specific request. “As you know, my wife, Amy, and my children Joey (14), Evelyn (13) and Sylvia (10) are absolutely the best. Please take good care of them like the priceless treasures they are,” he asked.

Due to the unknown and cosmic nature of my next mission, this will be our last communication. It will self-destruct in five minutes. My whereabouts are now top secret, but let’s say I made some new friends named Elvis and Kenny.

The letter posted on an obituary website to solicit donations of flowers and ends with the date and location of Lee Flanigan’s posthumous tribute, scheduled for 12 noon tomorrow at the Ansbergt-West Funeral Home in Ohio. “Instead of flowers, donations can be made to the ‘Flanigan Children Education’ account located at Signature Bank,” says text.

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Some people left their comments and tributes below the post. “Genius!”, “Thanks for your contribution, Tom! Thanks for your services, and thanks for this obituary”, “I never told you that, but I envied you. I said to myself” Hey, why can’t I be like that guy? “The truth is that nobody could”.

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