On the eve of the source of "Interfax" said that in the blood of the activist did not find any drugs, "other than those given to him by doctors." The source of the agency also noted that Verzilov is in a "pre-sulphurous state."

Nikulshina called these statements "delirium and nonsense". According to her, at the Sklifosovsky Institute conducted studies on the likelihood of stroke and completely excluded it.

"This is exactly poisoning, cholinolytic poisoning. This is something like atropine, "Cyclomed" – what is contained in medicines. But here the question of a large dosage, "- said Nikulshina. She noted that these are "not the drugs" that can be easily withdrawn.

The mother of the activist Elena Verzilova reported that the tests had not shown any vascular changes.

At the moment, Verzilov is in intensive care without consciousness. As his relatives told him, he sleeps under the influence of drugs, as in the mind behaves "very active", which leads to increased pressure. Doctors do not exclude the possibility of transferring the patient to artificial ventilation.

On September 11th, the toxicological department of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital named after Bakhrushin Verzilov was admitted. Nikulshina then said that he began to lose the ability to speak and move, and also speech. The girl reported that on the way to the ambulance, Versilov started raving, and then he fell into a "half-asleep, half-forgotten state" and ceased to recognize her.

Верзилов has felt badly after session of the Basmanny court on which Никульшину and one more participant Pussy Riot Diana Dedenko have recognized guilty of resistance to policemen at detention on September, 8th. The telegram channel Mash reported that Verzilov was diagnosed with vertebro-basilar insufficiency.



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