Doctors give live comeback at Beatsteaks concert

Doctors give live comeback at Beatsteaks concert

The evening could hardly have been better for the 25,000 or so visitors to the Beatsteaks concert in the Waldbühne. At summery 30 degrees, the band Tocotronic opened the upcoming Rocknight. About two hours later, the Beatsteaks come on the stage, which are considered the best live band in Berlin. Special guests for a special evening “This is a special evening for us, and we have special guests,” announces singer Armin Teutoburg-Weiß, before he cools the people in the first rows with the water hose. How special the guests would be suspected at this time probably none of the visitors. The fact that the band Deichkind suddenly stood on the stage, was, however, expectable. Because the Hamburg hip-hop group is represented with the song “L on the forehead” on the current Beatsteaks album. In addition, they announced their appearance on June 7 via Twitter. Doctors give live comeback How should this evening be topped? Quite simply: with the doctors’ live comeback after about six years!

As the audience waited for the addition of the beat steaks, a surprise moment came that will probably stay in the mind for many more. Because instead of the Beatsteaks all of a sudden there are Bela B., Farin Urlaub and Rodgrigo González on stage. Dressed in black suits, they perform their legendary songs “Cry for Love” and “Hurray” for the best. “Home is somehow hotter than Rock am Ring!” The forest stage is cooking. A visitor lights a Bengalo in the middle of the crowd. The punk rock band is celebrated frenetically. “Home is somehow hotter than Rock am Ring!” Commented the 54-year-old Farin Urlaub the surprise comeback. Actually, the doctors should not play live in front of the audience until 2019. About a week ago, the organizers of the festivals “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” proudly announced that the doctors will be headlining both events in 2019. The reaction of the fans was tremendously euphoric. Now tens of thousands of visitors on Saturday had the luck to experience the unofficial comeback of the doctors one year in advance. From MAZonline

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