Doctors have found a link between obesity and poor memory.


In overweight people, the work of the brain becomes worse due to the fact that obesity weakens the barrier between the brain and the circulatory system, and also provokes inflammatory processes. This conclusion was made by scientists from Augusta University (USA), the results of which research was published by the Journal of Neuroscience.

Doctors noted that patients suffering from neglected forms of obesity experienced a decrease in mental acuity and memory impairment. Overweight accelerates brain aging. Previously, experts could not find this cause.

The answer to the question was found by chance while working on another problem. Scientists have tried to figure out why the development of obesity and diabetes weakens the protective cells that envelop the blood vessels in the brain. Alzheimer's disease and high blood sugar destroy this barrier.

American neuroscientists conducted experiments on mice. They artificially “turned” experimental animals into diabetics. It turned out that in the brain of rodents with pathologically overweight, the protective barrier weakened, and fatty acid molecules and protein debris began to penetrate into the vessels. This reduced their mental activity and disrupted the nervous system.

The mice began to search for a way out of the labyrinth longer. They remembered worse than objects already familiar to them in comparison with animals from the control group. All these problems completely disappeared when it was possible to reduce the degree of obesity and the level of sugar in the body of animals.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia the number of obese people since 2011 <a target = "_ blank" href = " -goda-v-dva-raza-uvelichilos-chislo-lyudey-s-ozhireniem "rel =" noopener "target =" _ blank "data-tooltip ="

In Russia, since 2011, the number of obese people has doubled

According to Rospotrebnadzor, overweight is more common in women.

"> increased twice. Scientists expect a sharp decline in life expectancy by 2040. Among the reasons that may lead to this, Scientists expect a sharp decline in life expectancy by 2040

The reasons for the experts called the poor state of the environment (air pollution, etc.), as well as the epidemics of HIV and diabetes, obesity

"> is called overweight.


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