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Natalia Tkachuk from Ukraine is seriously injured in an attack by Russian soldiers. The 57-year-old made it to Lower Saxony – and survived. Thanks to different people.

When Natalia Tkachuk was hit by a projectile in early March, she was in a car with two other women. The vehicle is stopped at a Russian checkpoint, the soldiers order the women to turn around. They do what the military says. But suddenly the car is shot at, says Natalia. A projectile penetrates the passenger seat, hitting Natalia in the back, seriously injuring her. She’s losing a lot of blood. Six young men try to take her to a hospital, even carrying the injured lying on a carpet through an ice-cold river because the bridge is destroyed. The 57-year-old is finally operated on in a clinic in Tschernihiv – under the simplest of conditions.

VIDEO: Ukrainians injured in the war landed in Hanover (04/21/2022) (1 min)

Crossing the border to Poland in a wheelchair

Gottfried Schulz sits next to his partner Natalia Tkachuk.  © NDR Photo: Lydia Callies

Gottfried Schulz is happy that his partner Natalia Tkachuk survived and is safe.

Doctors remove her spleen and one kidney. But they have to leave the projectile in Natalia’s chest. When Chernihiv is bombed more and more, the 57-year-old decides to flee. She manages to get to Kyiv by bus and, with the help of friends, to Lemberg. Finally, her partner Gottfried Schulz from Wolfenbüttel is waiting for her at the Polish-Ukrainian border. Natalia is pushed across the border in a wheelchair and brought to the hospital as quickly as possible.

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Doctors in Braunschweig remove the ball

A projectile lies in a plastic container.  © NDR Photo: Lydia Callies

Natalia keeps the extracted projectile in a plastic container.

Doctors at the Braunschweig Clinic finally remove the projectile – and praise the work of the Ukrainian colleagues who operated on Natalia, even though there was no light and no regulated power supply. “They did a very good job for that,” says Braunschweig’s chief surgeon, Guido Schuhmacher, appreciatively. Natalia is now recovering from her injury in Wolfenbüttel. She left the hospital in mid-April. She hopes to return to Ukraine someday. Also because she had to leave her son and mother there.

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Wjahat Waraich © Screenshot

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Wjahat Waraich works as a doctor in the border region of Poland.  ©Screenshot

6 Min

Wjahat Waraich traveled to the border during his vacation to help. The arrival shows the suffering of the war. (04/22/2022) 6 mins

An A310 MedEvac of the German Air Force stands next to an ambulance on the tarmac at Hanover Airport.  © Ole Spata/dpa

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