Doctors in Yogyakarta Remind Decrease in Immune Can Trigger Skin Disease – Body immunity in the current pandemic is an important thing and must be considered, so that someone is immune to the transmission of the virus. Skin specialist from Siloam Hospitals Yogyakarta, Ika Fatimah said that in adults, decreased body immunity also affects skin problems.

“Generally, skin pain in infants is affected by the effects of chemical detergents from clothing worn. While adults are often affected by a decrease in body immunity due to lifestyle or stress,” Ika Fatimah said in an online discussion entitled Danger and Eczema Handling (Dermatitis) in Adults and Children , Yogyakarta. Quoted from a written statement, Sunday (7/19).

Reddish, dry and broken skin conditions are a sign of skin disease or eczema (atopic dermatitis). Therefore, suboptimal handling can cause skin inflammatory conditions, this usually lasts for years.

Ika Fatimah states, each person with eczema can feel different symptoms through age levels. In toddlers, symptoms are scaly, reddish and crusty skin on the cheek area, hands on the head area. As for adults, itching symptoms in the neck, knee and elbow area.

Still according to him, if eczema is not treated immediately it will spread throughout the skin, red itching and fever occurs in the body.

“Yes, a fever arises because the skin becomes damaged due to scratching. The solution is treatment including regulating bathing patterns with cold water or normal temperature,” said Ika Fatimah.

Ika Fatimah reminded that sufferers can consult through AidoHealth teleconsultation services that have been provided by Siloam Hospitals Yogyakarta. “Consultation to get a period of dermatitis treatment can be done by online services. Because this disease can correlate with other diseases, such as diabetes mellitus,” concluded Ika Fatimah. [cob]


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