Doctors named 5 killer brain cells for habits

Doctors named 5 killer brain cells for habits

Japanese scientists have told about what habits of modern people cause irreparable damage to brain cells. In the experts’ rating of the worst habits for the brain included those that violate the work of a group of neurons that ensure the quality of cognitive functions, the electronic newspaper reported. This list includes: Insufficient water intake. The human brain is three quarters of water, dehydration is torture for him. If, in conditions of lack of water, the body finds that the brain needs a fluid (for example, in a hangover situation), and sends the entire reserve stock to it, an attack may occur. Drug use. These substances disrupt the normal functioning of brain cells. In critical cases such a shift from the norm may turn out to be so strong that the cells simply refuse. Smoking cigarettes. According to scientists, in smokers, brain cells undergo strong attacks from white blood cells. If the cells are weak, they under this onslaught are destroyed. Lack of sleep. Specialists said that the neuronal damage is caused by a chronic lack of sleep, that is, a systematic sleep lasting less than 7 hours. Stress. Emotional overloads are very dangerous for the integrity of brain cells. Stresses provoke the development of neuropsychic disorders, in which destructive processes affect entire areas of the brain. Earlier MediQuart wrote that scientists have discovered the “genes of death” , the inclusion of which leads to the emergence of a deadly disease.

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