Doctors question Vallenata Legend Festival 2020 in Valledupar – Other Cities – Colombia

The announcement of the virtual realization of the 53rd edition of the Vallenata Legend Festival, between the end of September and the beginning of October, did not go down well with the doctors from Valledupar and Cesar.

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Given the accelerated increase in cases of covid-19 in Cesar, whose main focus is its capital Valledupar, the Valledupar and Cesar Medical College considers it inappropriate to carry it out.

“We are respectful of all the measures that have been applied; however, we consider that we are not for parties. We love our folklore, but the department should be in solidarity with the pain that this pandemic has generated. We have more than 220 dead in the region. I think we are getting used to the culture of death ”, stated Joaquín Maestre, president of this association.

“Culture in times of crisis is fundamental and in Valledupar we have a great cultural wealth, but if we are in a critical situation in the pandemic, the Festival could be postponed to November or December, when the situation is better”, says Yesmil Pérez, Cesar cultural consultant and manager.

These voices are joined by other connoisseurs of vallenato folklore and see a message of hope in the virtual realization of the festival.

“I think it is positive because in these times a message of hope, of faith can be sent and the folk lyrics summarize much of this feeling. The members of the Foundation will be strict in the biosafety measures ”, specified Jorge“ El Bore ”Lúquez, member of the Shangay bar.

For the journalist and King of the Unpublished Vallenata Song, Félix Carrillo, the Foundation should take advantage of this time for a new formulation of the contest, based on this analysis, project it in 2021.

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“I think there is no desire because they have a recognized name. The Foundation should take advantage of this time to analyze the reality of the event, because that is how it collects what has been achieved over these 52 years, for a better formulation of the event ”, he said.

The announcement of the event, initially scheduled between April 29 and May 2, was made by the president of the Vallenata Festival de la Leyenda Foundation, Rodolfo Molina Araújo, which said that the transmission will be in charge of La Caja de Música (LCM) Live and can be seen for free on and social networks of the Fundación Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata. In addition, it has not yet been defined if the finals and concerts can be charged.

“The pandemic has given us time to reinvent ourselves and modify our capacities, to be able to dream of something that can be done virtually. Everyone will be able to share the same emotions and LCM Live is one of our allies to see it on the different digital platforms ”, he specified.

The initiative has the backing of the Ministry of Culture and the Mayor’s Office of Valledupar, with some exceptions and “keeping the most rigorous biosafety protocols”, approved respectively by the Secretary of Government, after verifying compliance with the protection measures for contestants , juries, technicians and logistics “understanding that life and health occupy the first place”.

“We have taken into account the will of the Vallenato kings, the contestants and participants. There will be no public or massive events are contemplated during the presentations. Social distancing will be preserved and of course, there will be no consumption of liquor ”, assured the president of the Foundation.

During the execution, the guidelines decreed by the National Government and health agencies to protect the young population will be taken into account, therefore The Accordion and Piqueria Infantil, Juvenil Accordion competitions were suspended; Minor Accordion. In addition, the parades of Piloneras, Willys Parranderos and the Children’s Painting contest were suspended.

“It will be a special edition and we will be very responsible with sanitary measures. The tribute to the singer Jorge Oñate and the recognition to the singer-songwriter Rosendo Romero will also be postponed to entertain them as they deserve in a later edition, hopefully next year in number 54, if circumstances allow it, “he explained.


The contestants of the Unpublished Vallenata Song, as usual, must send audio in MP4 format, making known the name of the author, the title of his work and the air in which it was composed.

In the categories of Professional Accordion, Amateur Accordion, Major Category Accordion and Inédita Vallenata Song, 15 participants of each will be preselected, who will enter to contest the respective crowns. The Piqueria Mayor Category contest, as it is a confrontation with verses, will be the exception.

The participants, keeping the sanitary measures, will present themselves in the auditoriums of the Cecilia Caballero de López House of Culture, University of the Andean Area and the School of Fine Arts of the Popular University of Cesar. These stages will not have any public access.

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“They also want to make themselves felt with their talent and show that Vallenata music has the necessary strength to overcome all obstacles and open space on virtual stages,” Molina stressed.

Ludys Ovalle Jácome
Special for THE TIME


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