Doctors’ strike also affects around 50 Hessian clinics

DThe doctors’ union Marburger Bund is calling on doctors in municipal clinics across Germany to go on warning strikes this Thursday. Around 50 hospitals are affected in Hesse, the union announced on Wednesday. The central rally is planned in Frankfurt. After four rounds of negotiations with the municipal employers, a deadlock was reached, explained the chairman of the Marburg Association in Hesse, Christian Schwark.

The focus of the one-day warning strike should be the largest hospitals, including the Darmstadt Clinic, the Helios Dr. Horst Schmidt clinics in Wiesbaden, the Sana clinic in Offenbach, the clinic in Frankfurt-Höchst, the clinic in Kassel, the clinic in Fulda, the clinic in Hanau, the Hochtaunus clinics, the clinic in Bad Hersfeld and the hospital in Rüsselsheim. Emergency patient care should be ensured.

workload high

Around 55,000 doctors from collectively agreed hospitals have been called nationwide. The Marburger Bund demands an increase in salaries by 5.5 percent, clear limits for on-call services, a limit on on-call duty, a secure right to free weekends and more planning security for the services. The tense workload has been exacerbated by the corona pandemic, explained Schwark.

In a survey of the Hessian members, around 80 percent of those questioned said the number of medical staff was insufficient to ensure good patient care. 33 percent stated that they wanted to leave the hospital work area. Schwark spoke of alarming conditions with no change in sight.