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Doctors told how many eggs can be eaten at Easter without harm to health

MOSCOW, Apr 24 – RIA News. Three chicken eggs and 100 grams of Easter cake or cottage cheese Easter can be eaten at Easter without harm to health, and it is possible to increase the rate, but only by giving up other high-calorie foods during the day, according to experts polled by RIA Novosti.

Bright Sunday of Christ this year falls on April 28th.

"To determine how much you can eat, you need to pay attention to the diet of the person as a whole. According to the recommendations of doctors, you should eat half of an egg a day, because it is a certain set of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and nutrients. If we talk about a safe dose, taking into account the fact that a person will eat more meat, fish, in this case it should be limited to three eggs a day, this will be enough, ”said the head of the FIT nutrition and biotechnology advisory and diagnostic center“ Healthy and sports nutrition ” AUC, therapists, dietician Catherine Burljaeva.

Kulich, according to her, is a fairly high-calorie product, so you can afford to eat about 100 grams per day. Curd Easter contains approximately the same number of calories, so it is better to choose one thing or cut portions. You can increase the rate if you give up certain foods during the day, for example, do not drink sweet tea, do not add sugar to cereal, give up honey and jam.

Consecration of Easter cakes and eggs

Yesterday, 11:01

Residents of Nizhny Novgorod will be presented with a giant Easter cake and Tsar Easter

Cottage cheese fatter

The transition from fasting to normal should not cause any damage to the body, said a dietitian, an associate professor at the Department of Nutrition and Nutrition, Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Elena Chedia. She noted that during fasting, the body received less cholesterol and more fiber, while all the necessary elements came from the products allowed in the post.

Therefore, there are practically no restrictions on the use of eggs and Easter cakes during the day, but in everything you need to follow a reasonable approach, Burlyaeva clarified. You should not eat cottage cheese Easter right before bedtime, but if after a snack a person walks for a couple of hours, then a nutritionist will not do any harm to a snack, he noted.

The pediatrician, the leading researcher at the laboratory for age-based nutritiology at the FITS of Nutrition and Biotechnology, MD Maria Gmoshinskaya agrees with her. According to her, Easter cakes and Easter cakes can be offered to children in the morning or in the afternoon; cottage cheese for Easter is better than 5–9% fat, since there are no fat-soluble vitamins in low-fat, including vitamin D, which is necessary for the absorption of calcium.

Easter cakes

April 22, 11:03

Rospotrebnadzor gave advice on choosing Easter cakes

Vitamins and trace elements

In general, there are a lot of useful elements in Easter products – eggs, cottage cheese Easter cakes and Easter cakes, experts say.

"Eggs are a very valuable product containing many different vitamins and minerals. Besides the fact that there are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Eggs can be called a source of vitamin A, choline, biotin, cobalt, silence – all these substances are necessary for our body for various biochemical processes ", – said Burlyaev.

The presence of choline in eggs allows them to be consumed even by people with high cholesterol, as this substance levels the effect of cholesterol on the body, the nutritionist said.

In the cake, according to her, contains vitamins of group B. In addition, if vegetable oil is used in the cake, then it is possible to get vitamin E, and if creamy, vitamin A. Curd Easter is beneficial for vitamins A and D and the presence of calcium in the curd added Burlyaev.

Checking the quality of eggs on the instructor

Yesterday, 10:25

Roskachestvo on the eve of Easter summed up the test of eggs

In turn, Gmoshinskaya stressed that cottage cheese for Easter, especially if the dish is intended for children, should be used only in industrial output, the so-called flax curd should be used only after heat treatment.

Experts agree that it is necessary to use Easter products with caution if a person has exacerbations of chronic diseases or an acute stage of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Eggs should be used with caution to people with chronic pancreatitis, cottage cheese is not shown after poisoning, as it is quite difficult to digest, explained Burlyaev.

However, if a person does not have serious illnesses, then he may well afford Easter products, the main thing is to know the measure in everything, doctors summarized.

Research of cottage cheese in the laboratory of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology

Yesterday 07:51

Rospotrebnadzor checked the three most popular brands of cottage cheese



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