Doctors would be admitting patients for COVID without having viruses

A young woman from Cartagena experienced moments of tension when she took her father to a medical center; as seen in a video posted on Twitter, the health professionals who work in the place told him that they could not attend him if they did not admit him as a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Despite the woman’s insistence that the doctors test her family member, and thus confirm whether or not she had the pathology, the local doctors warned her that If he did not let him enter the hospital as a positive COVID-19 to handle it like that, he had to sign an act to take it under his responsibility.

“The doctor told you two options, either we enter him and we manage him through COVID or you take him away. You sign the voluntary act and take it under your responsibility. If the patient becomes complicated or dies, it is your responsibility, not ours, “says the health professional altered.


The young woman refuted the doctors’ response, stating that if she wanted her father to die, at no time would she have taken him to the hospital; All this happens while recording a with his cell phone to publicize the performance of local workers on social networks.

“If they tell me in the hospital that my dad is going to have a test and he has COVID, that’s another thing. I cannot accept a pathology that my dad does not have a doctor. I can not, “says the woman at the insistence of doctors to leave her father hospitalized as a positive case.



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