Dodgeball game Knockout City has five million players two weeks after release – Gaming – News –

EA announces that five million players have played its new game Knockout City so far. The game was released on May 21 and was free for the first ten days. Now the game is free for players until they reach Street Rank 25.

Knockout City is a multiplayer game in which players compete against each other as a team. The game revolves around throwing, catching, passing and dodging a ball. Characters who do not have a ball in their hands can turn into a ball. A teammate can then pick it up and throw it at the opponent as a bomb. The game is made by Velan Studios. That developer also has Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit to his name.

The game is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The PC version is on Origin and Steam. The game is generally well rated by both critics and players, according to figures from Metacritic.

Season 1 of Knockout City kicked off on May 25. Seasons last for a month and involve limited-time events, game modes, playing fields, and special balls. The game costs 20 euros, but recently EA decided that players can join for free. Payment must be made after reaching Street Rank 25.