Does Cory Barlog (God of War) tease with spatial images?

God of War is a real success, the title released last year on PS4 has exceeded 10 million sales, saying that players are eagerly awaiting a new opus with Kratos and Atreus. The director of the game seems to be teasing, but not necessarily for this license.

Cory Barlog has indeed updated his account Twitterwith an image taken by the telescope Hubble in the 90s and showing countless galaxies. His profile picture also shows a small telescope, but most importantly, the director of God of War poster in description the message "····· ····· ···· ··· ·· ·", which gives "55HSIE". Everyone will have recognized the acronym Sony Interactive Entertainmentwho owns the studio Santa Monica behind the franchise God of Warbut what about the "H" and the numbers? Well, as pointed out Gematsu, Cory Barlog had already mentioned the photo taken by Hubble (it starts with an "H") during the GDC 2019, who has some connection with his video games. He explained then:

I would like to talk about the idea that all the mythologies of the world are a bit like the image of the Hubble telescope. There are independent galaxies scattered all over the universe, the world is the universe, and all the mythologies are kind of the origin of stories for a variety of cultures through the origins of the world, at the origin of time, and extend in such a way that all mythologies exist at the same time, they are simply separated by geography. That's important, because many people said to themselves, "Hey, Kratos destroys the world at the end of God of War III! Well he destroyed what they thought was the world in which was Greece, which was their world. Everyone thinks that his world is the only existing world, but in fact we still believe it today.

Cory Barlog therefore mentioned a multiverse in the franchise God of War where several mythologies coexist at the same time, allowing Santa Monica to travel Kratos from ancient Greece to Scandinavia without doing too much of the script. This is not unlike the universes Marvel, by the way, the number 55 can refer to Iron Man comics # 55 in which appear Thanos and Kronos for the first time. Or will it take 55 months (4 years and a half) to see this mysterious project? More logically, it may be a duration, 55 hours ("55H"), before the teasing come to an end. Anyway, it is obvious that Santa Monica Studio board on a game for the PlayStation 5, remains to know if this teasing on the part of Cory Barlog has a possible link with him.

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