Does he still get a chance?

Rewrite this content Jan 22, 2023 at 5:55 am IBES-Crime : Is Martin Semmelrogge still moving to the jungle camp? Martin Semmelrogge is one of the most famous German actors. He became known, among other things, through the series “Die Vorstadtkrokodile” or the cinema classics “Das Boot” and “Bang Boom Bang”. (archive image) Photo: RTL Drugs, theft, bankruptcy – recently, Martin Semmelrogge mainly made negative headlines. He was missing when he left the jungle camp. Why the Australians won’t let him into the country – and what back door there is. January 19 update: RTL announced the end of the jungle camp for Martin Semmelrogge on Monday. But as the image now reports, there is a back door for the convicted actor, which RTL should deliberately leave wide open. In the jungle camp 2023 there will definitely be nothing – but according to the report it is planned that Semmelrogge 2024 will still come into play. RTL did the same with Lucas Cordalis, whose participation in 2022 was canceled at short notice due to a corona infection. Cordalis was then on the list of candidates for 2023. Will it really happen with Semmelrogge? January 16 update: The first jungle camp weekend is over, but Martin Semmelrogge is not in Australia. The moderators Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen emphasized in the jungle camp on Saturday that the last digit -09 in the IBES telephone voting will continue to be kept free for him – but for how long? But on Monday, RTL announced that Semmelrogge would no longer move into the 2023 jungle camp. “Unfortunately, the actor didn’t make it to Australia and IBES. He has just landed back in Germany and is on his way to Mallorca,” Update from January 13th: RTL commented on Martin Semmelrogge in the first jungle camp episode. According to moderator Jan Köppen, the actor is still stuck in Doha because the Australian authorities will not let him enter the country, presumably because of his criminal record. Whether Semmelrogge is finally out or can move into the jungle camp later? RTL has not commented on this. January 12 update: Does he participate in the jungle camp or not? For days it was unclear what would happen next with Martin Semmelrogge. Finally there is news. And they are quite surprising. RTL has now announced that Djamila Rowe is a candidate for the jungle camp. Replacement starlet Melody Haase, however, has to wait and see and remains only an emergency candidate. And Martin Semmelrogge? It can be assumed that this will no longer work out with his IBES participation. Because the other wobbly candidate Gigi Birofio is corona negative again and will definitely be there. And why else should Rowe move into the jungle camp, which was not mentioned before? But RTL continues to keep a low profile when it comes to bread rolls. After all, the broadcaster has now commented. “If you are now asking yourself: Djamila is there, what about Martin Semmelrogge (67)? There will be an update on this in the first show of ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!’ on Friday January 13th.” Update from January 9th: There is still no positive news for the fans of Martin Semmelrogge and slowly it should be difficult to participate. Because the candidates in Australia actually have to be in quarantine for five days. So while Lucas Cordalis and Co. are chasing away boredom in the hotel room, there is no trace of the “Das Boot” star. However, the “image” wants to have found out at least one possible flight route of Semmelrogge. Read more about it here. 15 pictures of jungle camp candidates sorted by fee: who earns how much? Photo: RTL Jungle camp candidate sentenced to several prison terms On January 13, the time has come: The 16th season of the RTL show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here” starts in Australia. There is a colorful mix of twelve jungle camp candidates. Among them should be a very special bird of paradise: Martin Semmelrogge. The 67-year-old can look back on an eventful acting career. He even worked with star director Steven Spielberg – but in recent years Semmelrogge has also experienced deep falls. Name: Martin SemmelroggeBorn: December 8, 1955 Eckwaelden (Baden-Württemberg)Residence: Palma de MallorcaZodiac sign: SagittariusProfession: actorPartner: Regine Prause (engaged)Instagram: nothing Martin Semmelrogge’s vita distinguishes him as the enfant terrible of German film. The actor was sentenced to prison several times, which he was allowed to serve openly. Will that be his undoing now? Jungle camp: guesswork about Martin Semmelrogge Actually, Semmelrogge should leave Frankfurt Airport for Brisbane with the other jungle camp candidates on January 2nd. But as “Bild” reported, the celebrity was not on the plane to Australia. RTL has also already commented on the Semmelrogge cause. Under the title “The jungle campers are arriving – only Martin Semmelrogge is not!”, the broadcaster announces a statement on its website. “We explain why!” It says there. But RTL owes a clear explanation: RTL non-declaration on bread rye: “Production-related reasons” “The later arrival of Martin Semmelrogge has production-related reasons,” writes the broadcaster. This statement can mean many things. One thing is certain: travelers need a visa to fly to Australia. The application will also ask about any previous convictions. It is also clear: Semmelrogge has already been in conflict with the law several times. Behind the scenes, RTL will try to find a solution and shortly there will be a lot going on in terms of bread rye and jungle camp. But whether the broadcaster will also succeed in bringing him to Australia remains to be seen. Because there was a comparable case in 2016. At that time it was about accompanying the jungle camp candidate Sophia Wollersheim. Kiez great Bert Wollersheim was prevented from entering Australia because of his criminal record and had to leave Australia again. It has now become known that a potential successor is already in the starting blocks. Martin Semmelrogge mit Reality-TV Now everyone is asking themselves the question: Will there not be a new edition of Semmelrogge-Cordalis in 2023? Lucas Cordali’s father Costa completed the jungle tests in the first season together with Semmelrogge son Dustin. While Costa Cordalis emerged victorious from the first IBES season and was crowned king of the jungle, Dustin Semmelrogge voluntarily dropped out after just three days. In contrast to Lucas Cordalis, the 67-year-old actor has little experience in reality TV: in 2017, Semmelrogge appeared with ex-wife Sonja as a celebrity couple on the reality show “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”. By the way: Daniela Katzenberger demands from Lucas Cordalis before the jungle camp departure: “Please keep two things secret” and and more content about Does he still get a chance?