Hundreds of comments on Facebook are currently revolving around this Aldi table.

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Aldi customers are happy: Aldi Süd now has a wallpapering table to buy. And he can do much more.

Mülheim an der Ruhr – Every week Aldi offers new products. The offer of the current week: A wallpapering table – and a really great one. At least the marketing for the new Aldi miracle table seems to run perfectly for the discounter, because on Facebook the contribution to the wallpapering table appeals to more than 1,600 people – not bad for a table.

Aldi is already well known for clever marketing jokes. For example, in May, the retailer advertised a new oil in the range in a creative, if somewhat silly way. The fact that the marketing department does not seem to be too bad was also shown recently by a survey conducted by Aldi Süd's team on Facebook, which deals with toilet paper habits. And also, when the employees of Aldi passed a mishap on a postmark, the discounter proved humor.

Aldi marketing gag on Facebook: From a "multi-functional table" is something much better

In the brochure, Aldi Süd advertises this table as a splendid "multi-functional table", which can also be used "at parties".

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The latest marketing coup this time is about a table. According to Aldi-Süd-Prospekt with the offers from August 20 to 25, the good piece is a "multi-functional table" that is "versatile", for example "at parties". Apparently, the Facebook team of the discounters was inspired by this formulation, because in the social network was from "multi-functional table" no more speech. Instead, the Table on Facebook as "Beer-Pong table" touted, of course "also for wallpapering". As ALDI SÜD writes ironically: "These tables are just super handy if you want to put down the colors, brushes and rollers in between the wallpapering. Great, such a beer-pong table. "

For those unfamiliar with the game, "Beer Pong" is a popular party game in which two teams face each other at a table. At each end of the table are cups filled with beer, which must be served with table tennis balls. If a ball lands in a cup, a player of the team hit must drink the cup. Lost the team that has drunk all cups first.

Anyway, the little joke came to the Facebook community: in addition to more than 1,600 likes, there were just as many comments under the post. Most commentators arrange to go to the next Beer Pong round, or make plans about what else to do with the table.



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