Does Peter Spuhler want to give me money to blow me up? Attempts at scams have been better

Läck, I must be important. In the last few weeks I have received regular emails from personalities such as Ivan Glasenberg, George Soros and Peter Spuhler. You feel a little honoured. The content is even better: the gentlemen want to donate millions to me. I should get in touch with them for more information.

Fraudulent e-mails are sent in his name: Peter Spuhler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Stadler Rail and former SVP national councillor.

Image: Image: Gian Ehrenzeller/Keystone

Online fraudsters are becoming more and more sophisticated, their e-mails look deceptively real, according to media reports. Fortunately, this does not apply to the authors of the Glasenberg-Soros-Spuhler emails. The supposed sender is too well known to be deceptively real. The wording does the rest. «Peter Spuhler», for example, wrote to me:

“I have decided to send you €5,200,000.00 (five million two hundred thousand euros) to blow them up as the current Covid-19 plague has left many people financially vulnerable.”

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but I think there could be a better use of that money. But of course it was hardly meant that way, an error by a translation program is more likely.

As condemnable as attempts at fraud are, this one also has its good sides: In times when a chatbot writes seemingly flawless texts in seconds, it is reassuring to see that the technology also fails from time to time. And as a free gift there was also something to laugh about.