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For many, Halloween night is the perfect time of year to dress up, watch horror movies, and eat lots of candy. But this date, like so many others, has a strong cultural load with it and not all royals of the British royal family celebrate it, at least not publicly. Halloween is not a celebration that is so deeply rooted among English royalty.

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There is no royal house rule that prohibits the celebration of Halloween, but historically it has not been seen that in the British royal family there is a celebration related to Halloween, unlike, for example, the White House, which does organize events.

Although Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is usually quite discreet and avoids the use of costumes and characterizations of any character. Yes he disguised himself when he was young with her sister Princess Margaret to participate in presentations and plays held at Buckingham Palace.

Henry of Sussex

His grandsons William of Cambridge and Henry of Sussex also did it in various school plays and other events. Several childhood photos of the children of Charles and Diana of Wales reveal how the two heirs they dressed as policemen, of the military and even Prince Henry of a tomato.

Enrique de Sussex dressed up for a theater presentation at Eton, 2003. (Photo: AFP)

Carlos and Camilla

Carlos de Gales and Camilla Parker Bowles holding fancy masks at the Elephant Family NGO Animal Dance in 2019.

Catherine of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the members of the British royal family who likes Halloween the most. Before marrying William of Cambridge, she was photographed on Halloween in 2007 and 2008 disguised as a witch and skater, respectively.

Beatrice of York

For her part, Beatriz de York has dressed up specifically for Halloween. In 2016, Guillermo and Enrique’s cousin he disguised himself as a cat to attend the Unicef ​​Halloween Gala in London. And in 2018, the eldest daughter of Andrés de York and Sarah Ferguson did it again, this time she chose to become a unicorn to attend the costume party of the Annabel club in the British capital.


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