Does the Navalny affair sign the death of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline?

DECRYPTION – The gas pipeline, which is to link Russia and Germany directly, may not survive the poisoning of the Russian opponent. Explanations.

Almost finished, Nord Stream 2, which is to double Nord Stream 1’s gas transit between Russia and Germany bypassing Ukraine, had so far been spared from sanctions lists by the Chancellery. OLIVER DENZER/REUTERS

Angela Merkel is trying to associate Europe with a policy of sanctions against Russia which, for the moment, carefully avoids taking into consideration the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the source of all the embarrassment in Berlin.

Is the poisoning of Vladimir Putin’s main opponent the straw that broke the European camel’s back?

Apparently, yes. And the sling, natural in the countries of Eastern Europe, has spread to the two driving countries of the Union, Germany and France, which are now putting forward new ideas to sanction the Kremlin. After Georgia, Crimea, cyber attacks and geopolitical provocations from Moscow in the Middle East, the Navalny affair has caused an electric shock in Europe. “In Germany, the old strategy of increasing interdependence with Russia in the hope of stabilizing the country and normalizing its political regime has been routed», Explains Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, researcher at Ifri and specialist in the North issue

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