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In recent years, urine therapy has gained some attention in the field of alternative medicine. It is said that drinking, applying or using urine for therapeutic purposes can cure a wide variety of diseases, from skin problems to cancer.

However, the mainstream medical community has been skeptical and has classified this practice as pseudoscientific.

Next, the controversial practice of urine therapy will be explained, analyzing the claims and available evidence to determine if it can really cure diseases or if it is a myth without scientific foundations.

Taking into account that urine therapy is not a new practice, since there is evidence of its existence in ancient cultures such as India, China and Egypt.

In these places, urine was considered to have healing properties and was used in various forms of traditional medicine.

However, as modern medicine developed, urine therapy was relegated to the background and viewed with skepticism.

Proponents of urine therapy claim that urine contains numerous beneficial compounds, including vitamins, minerals, hormones, and enzymes.

Furthermore, they maintain that being a product of the body, urine contains information and vital energy that can help restore balance and promote healing.

Healing Claims and Illnesses Treated

Followers of urine therapy claim that it can cure a wide range of ailments, including skin problems such as acne and psoriasisautoimmune diseases, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and more.

However, to date, there are no rigorous scientific studies to support these claims.

Scientific evidence and studies

The scientific community has carried out several studies to evaluate the supposed benefits of urine therapy.

However, most of these studies are anecdotal, lack rigorous design, and do not provide conclusive evidence.

Urine is a complex biological product that contains waste and toxins, so consuming it may have more risks than benefits.

Risks and considerations

It poses several risks to the health. Urine can contain bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that could cause serious infections if consumed or applied improperly.

If medications are taken, the urine may contain metabolites of those drugs, which could cause undesirable interactions or side effects.

It is essential to consult a medical professional before considering any form of alternative therapy.

Although urine therapy has been practiced for centuries and has gained some popularity in alternative medicine, current scientific evidence does not support its claims of miraculous healing.

The available studies are limited and lack scientific rigour, and there is no conclusive evidence demonstrating its efficacy in the treatment of diseases.

Also, there are significant risks associated with the inappropriate intake or application of urine.


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